Tuesday, November 25, 2014


                                       Irv Kupcinet

     If there is a holiday that as a whole this country can get along with it is Thanksgiving.  Since it is primarily a US holiday the people who object to holidays, that are primarily church related, can't get too worked up. Because it is about a bunch of illegal immigrants showing up where they were not wanted, and almost died because they did not know what they were doing.
      The hard core can just put it off as being thankful for the Indians (native residents) as much as for there faith that kept them in trouble back in England.  This is the same group that would later burn witches and put people in stocks.
       It also is the group that inspired such a great work of literature THE SCARLET LETTER as a great warning about the honor of the unwed mother and the secret dishonor of the father, that could not bring the fact that leaders are just people also.
      Thanksgiving is that point where people can gripe about the Christmas sales and promotions starting after Halloween, that great holiday where monsters, demons, devils, and curvatious females are honored.  Haunted houses and beer are very much in style.
       So much are the undead in style that Budweiser is dropping the Clydesdales for Zombies this year to try and win back that coveted 20 - 27 age crowd.  Let me tell you what, you can have Elvira back for those horses and a little dignity.
      Thanksgiving is a great little holiday because you can have a nice time to thank what ever you are thankful to without some group from Wisconsin trying to change your public displays.  You do not have to spend money and can be with people you like.  We like our folks that come out.
      On the next day I can marvel at the stupidity of those who fight for bargains that were cheaper last month.  Where you can set back with that Bud, sleep to the favorite game of the day, eat some good food, and get ready for the next 5 weeks of insanity.
      Really, can anyone get real worked up about guys that wear knee stockings, shoot blunderbusses, and wear belt buckles on their hats?

Friday, November 21, 2014



       What is it about the collective soul of a nation that allows meanness and bullying to be considered an art form.  There is no man ever lived, but one, that did not have faults and even have done bad things in his life.  Whether the individual has redeemed themselves or not it is not our affair.
       What has started this national fascination of bringing down iconic people?  It is even worse when there is no proof of the occurrence of crimes and misdemeanor's, just accusations.  Seems that the longer time has gone by and there is no legal proceedings it is worse that if it happened yesterday.
       There is no appeal from public opinion and if enough time goes by there is not even defense in the system to defend ones name.  Yet the news media finds this type of story to be so important that they can destroy a person with no fear, to the point of even voiding the volume of lifetime accomplishments.
       Finding someone will accuse 30, 40, and 50 years later seems to be a journalistic principle.  If so Journalism is dead.  Along with it is history.  For both have to be judged with the backdrop of their times and applying todays values to a story is revisionist.
       How is your soul?  Well lets run some names.  Martha Stewart, Clarence Thomas, Paula Dean, Bill Cosby.  Were you delighted at the amounts of money and the reputation that each is left to deal with after their lives and reputations were made the subject of public ridicule?
      What of the human failing of greed that will claim membership in a victim group because there is a pool of money that is at stake.  I imagine after 40, 50, & 60 years, a lot of the claimants of being violated by clergy were even eligible to be there let alone make money from it.  It is just fashionable to create hate and see how much a person can make out of being a victim, whether they were or not.
      My opinion of the ethos of Public Radio dropped sharply when a reporter finds it so compelling that he had to bring up Bill Cosby's allegations.  Not because there was legal merit but that there is no way for Mr. Cosby to answer without putting in question his innocence.
      For many years now I have had the opinion, that the opinions of Mr. Cosby will be setting him up for the attack against his character because he advises in no uncertain terms what is wrong with society and that the only cures for the wrongs is to take responsibility. 
       I am so sad that this is true.  And the others who share the position in his community are now involved in creating a race war.  If you take personal delight in any of this I fear for your soul.

Friday, November 14, 2014



                                                 Alan Dershowitz

     In the census, the numbers of homosexual citizens is in the neighborhood of 3%.  I am not wanting to tell anyone how to live their lives and I am sure that there are some very sincere people that I know in that group.  But I am not asking.  And the ones whose outrageous activities in the parades and protests do nothing to endear their cause to me.  I take no delight in pointing out anyone whose lifestyle is an affront to God and his laws, but I am charged as a believer to point out the wrong.  I am held accountable for what I do and don't do.
      I am constantly bombarded by the news media and the politically correct crowd that if I do not agree and give my blessing of their behavior then I am a racist.  Well then I guess I am a racist.
       I do not understand why I have scenes and stories constantly thrown in my face as to how 'normal' the lifestyle is.  State after state has voted that gay marriage is not legal only to have a judge turn that on it's ear.  Even in California the voters outlawed it only to have a judge overturn the will of the people.
      We have a form of government called a Representative Republic that gives the ability of the citizenry to decide issues and elect those who represent their opinions in government.  But it also gives the safety to minorities not to be bullied and lorded over by the majority.
      The sweeping over of the will of the people by judges and a small minority will have results that are unintended.  Even if being against the practice of approving gay marriage is against the rules of the church and the stories that most accept as the word of God, there is more.
       Only one of the problems has been discussed so far about opening up marriage from a man and woman so far.  That is the possibility of the state ordering churches and the clergy to perform marriage even though there is no belief of it in their doctrine.  But there are others.
      What will be the next push for 'rights'?  Polygamy?  Can the government ban marriage between one man and more than one woman.  There are radical sects that practice it still alive even though the Mormon Church gave it up to prevent a war with the US Government.
     What of recognizing Shiria Law and the multiple marriage and age lowered to age eight?
     What about group marriage?  Or marriage to animals?  Where does it stop once you open the door?  Are there sincere couples that feel they should have a right to marry there significant other.  I am sure.  Are their civil rights in jeopardy?  Seems most of that is covered.
     Once the lid of Pandora's box is removed it is impossible to put back on.
There is only one class of person left that it is legal to discriminate against in jobs and even simple features in public for comfort and safety and that is overweight.  Gee there just has to be at least one group that people can look down their nose at and publicly insult.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


                                               Kahlil Gibran

      It seems that it is better now that more people seem to honor those who have sacrificed so much so we can have a country.  That we can go where we decide, pursue interests that are appealing to us.  After the war of Independence was won and the long task of creating a nation was underway one of our founding fathers found himself in conversation with a skeptical woman over the new founded Republic.  You have to remember that the group that declared independence was in the minority.
     In that conversation about a form of government that had never been tried in world history, and I assume, the great costs that it took to defeat the most powerful nation on earth.  That the answer is enough to live without the detail of the story, "we give you a free Republic, Madam, if you can keep it".
      I notice that there are more individuals that respect and appreciate the costs that our Veterans have had to give over the years.  To the soldier that is rebuilding a life without limbs, or sight, or peace of mind the sacrifice is everyday.  It is good that the average citizen seems to understand more now than when I was growing up.
     I was never called to duty and never asked to pay the price.  Like my soul, someone has done that.  Do I dare not be thankful and show respect for those who have?
      At the end of  'The War to End all Wars' the Armistice was set ending the hostilities.  "The eleventh hour, of the eleventh day, of the eleventh month".  It became a great celebration and the ideal date to honor all those who sacrificed so much.  So Armistice Day became Veteran's Day.
      Though we still have war as the bible says we will, we have to be thankful that there are those who will water the fields of conflict with their blood so you can live your life as you see fit.  I hope you choose an honorable way to live it.

Sunday, November 9, 2014




      As a nation we have just come through one hundred years plus of a graduated progressive movement.  Through the years of gradual change and diverting from the original intent of the founding fathers.  There are literally thousands of factors that have gone into the place we now stand as a nation.
      We have emerged from one of the most brutal midterm elections and now we set and wonder if the Republicans can change from the impulse to take their new found power and just continue the direction that the country has been heading all this time.  Seems that the names may change but the direction never does.
       Due to the spending that both parties have to take blame for it has been obvious to any economist and anyone who lived through hard times as to the fact that there will be a day of reckoning.  It is not even considered scandalous that the debt the nation is in cannot be paid off.  No matter what happens now we are almost at 18 TRILLION in debt.  Our major creditors are our enemy's, so called friends, as well as the people ourselves.  Every bond you may have bought is a loan to the government as well as their ability to tax you beyond reason and seize your assets for any perceived wrong that you may commit.
      Nations that we have held gold for in Ft. Knox have not been able to even look at their bullion let alone transfer it home.  The Chinese have been soaking up 90% of gold produced each year and India is soaking up the silver.  Both elements are essential in the new electronic world that we are addicted to.
       So what happens when it all comes to and end?  I put the question to you as to why the last 30 years of government administrations have been seizing land and assets in the West?  There has been more Federal monuments, parks, and forest lands created and more controlled by the BLM than at anytime since the 1850's.
       The West is in a major part owned by the government.  That means us, but the people in Washington have made it there own.  Since Bruce Babbit in the Clinton Admin. to today, more land is seized.  Without any act of Congress the President can make national monuments on his own signature.  You probably don't know that the latest was last week.
      By the Governments own figures these states percentage of federal ownership is over 50%.  Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Alaska.  When other agency ownership is added such as military and other varying agencies the western states are in minority private ownership.  There is also strict usage on private lands by various agencies.
      When the dollar is worthless and a major event or string of events has devastated the US and World economies there will be a mandatory repayment in commodities and the old controls will be thrown on the ash heap.
      The US Government will be shipping timber, oil, gas, copper, coal, gold, silver, and anything that can be stripped from our lands to pay off the world of creditors.  It is our only resources that will have any value.  The old environmental restraints will be gone and our country will be stripped of its value under threats that can only be speculated at right now.
      If this is a far fetched scenario ask the residents of the German Vimar Republic or Germany after World War 2.  This sounds radical I know.  Given the circumstances that we are in now I would say that the next two years are critical.  If those who now are in power do not do what needs to be done there will be a backlash that will throw us into the hands of those who allowed this to be set up. 
       When you say that we have spent our grand children's future, it gives the impression that we will be dead and gone before it happens.  I am afraid that you will be here to see the devastation that has been set up and your grand children may not even be here to deal with it.
       Gloomy enough for you?  I pray we never see it!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014



                                                  Henry Ford

     When you read this the elections will be over and you will be filled with either joy or dread.  You have been bombarded by so many half truths and lies that the future is either clear as a bell or muddy as the Mississippi.  This may lead to more confusion but at least the bombardment of the ad campaigns are gone and all we have to put up with is the news media again.
     So in the mean time the world has gone on and who won will likely not have much to do with what is real.  Have you stopped to evaluate what is real to you?  Maybe you should.
      In the last news cycle we have two different stories of suffering and two different ways of handling it.  On one hand we have this beautiful woman who is only 29 years old who has been sentenced to less than a year to live because of cancer.  On the other a 19 year old who had a non operable tumor that will soon produce the same result.  Yet how each handles the news is so different.
      Each can bring a tear to this old cowboy without shame.  Life is not fair and each life has so much to give.  The thought of two so young enduring so much pain is heart rending.  Each is a reflection of how society has become and only you can determine which is how you feel.  I cannot impose my faith and beliefs on you, but this is a measure of where you stand.
      "The wisdom of man is foolish in the eyes of God".  So a verse is written that transcends the need to justify the path these two women have to take.  Pain is a terrible destroyer of reason and without a strong faith it can lead to poor conclusions.  The need to maintain control over your life can be a terrible distortion for what your ultimate path is to be.
       Both women will inspire but which is the better?  Pouring all strength in a goal to maintain a gracious ending and marking a great example to leave behind is what each strive.  I am thankful that it is not mans wisdom that will in the end matter.
      To end your life at the prospect of what is ahead is holding all control to the end that a person chooses.  To allow the end to come as it is ordained requires more courage and sets the better example.
       Those of you who feel good at the choice taken by the lady in Oregon I feel a stab of sorrow for you.  It was sad but not inspiring.  Instead of defining the value of life it has cheapened it and enabled those who do not face the prospect of death with dignity to advocate for it.
      The girl who lived her dream and will receive the final passing with faith and friends surrounding sets the better example.