Sunday, July 21, 2013


                       IF WE EVER LOSE FREEDOM HERE, THERE IS NO
                               PLACE TO ESCAPE TO.  THIS IS THE LAST
                                     STAND ON THE EARTH.
                                                                    Ronald Regan

     OK, I may be a little slow but what is wrong with this picture?  We are about to make legal over 11 million people who are here illegally but we are about to force a family to be sent back to Germany who are here as asylum seekers.  This family has been here and have a small self sufficient farm and home school their kids.  They are here because Germany has deemed homeschooling a threat to the government and are set to take the kids away soon as they set foot on German soil.
      The US Government is sending them back because they don't like home schooling either.  HOLD IT, home schooling is legal here.  In my state the top percentile of students taking the ACT test are home schooled.  So what gives?
      Another government scandal is pushing the Common Core Curriculum onto our schools.  Even though teachers and administrators in many places recognize that Common Core is, in reality, brain washing of kids to follow the government line.  No free thinking allowed.  And of course there is no free thinking if the information is faulty.
     Why have you not heard from you schools about common core?  They are prohibited from telling you.  Teachers are under threat of being fired in many places.  The core of the curriculum is that the state is better for you kid than you are.  In fact the huge data mining that is a part of it will reveal if you are a member of a political party, own a gun, belong to certain organizations and a hundred other things that are none of their business.
      There are some states who have recognised the inferior education that will result by the Common Core programs.  Indiana has thrown it out.  Texas is in the battle.  Many states are not even aware of the content of the program.  It remains to be seen how many teachers will speak up and risk their jobs to state that this is a horrible intrusion of  socialists in the raising of the children.
      Will this German family be deported?  More than likely.  Will we make instant citizens of people who are breaking the law?  Probably.  Will the silent preachers stay quiet worrying about their tax status?  More than likely.
     Will you do anything about it?  It is your move now.

Thursday, July 18, 2013


Native Wisdom
     My friends Barry and Victoria Ward sent me a You Tube story on my e-mail this week and it is a profound story of one man and one companies efforts to recognise those who win our freedom and maintain it.
     It is especially hard hitting when riots are breaking out all over using a case as an excuse to destroy and foster racism.  The perfect example of Democracy over the Republic.  The term Democracy is so loosely used and misused that people have no idea what it really is.  We can see what mob rule is and what it wants and this is what a democracy is.  The Republic and the system of government that we have is a representative republic.  It is based on check and balances that allows those in the minority to not be oppressed by a majority.
     The problem is that when every branch of government is rendered ineffective we will no longer have a country.  Racism is now fostered by those who have the most to lose by it.
     It takes someone like the owner and the employees of Illinois Cellular to do things that bring common sense back into things.  Since the country is busy with all the problems and our service people are bearing the brunt of our policies, it is this group that creates a memorial to those who have sacrificed their lives in the gulf regions wars.
      I never heard of Marcyles Illinois before this time.  On the banks of the Illinois River in front of company headquarters is a memorial similar to the Vietnam Memorial for our Gulf soldiers.  Not only a memorial but they have set aside room in the offices of the company for a museum of and about the fallen.  They make sure memorial gifts do not end up in the trash or river.  And, yes, some people come by and throw these things into the river.
     In light of all the harping going on in the news take time to look at the video YOU TUBE/ freedom isn't free.  Then redouble your resolve that these lives were not wasted by an ungrateful government.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Winston Churchill
     The daily revelations of abuses in government agencies and the push for anything that can control or suppress the average citizen, makes you wonder why there is not a hue and cry across the land.  Even with the fraud allegations on the last election there is a 50% or more numbers of citizens that are totally against what Washington is doing.
     More and more there is the realization, even within the ranks of this presidents supporters that something is terribly wrong.  Justice seems to be shut out of our system and all is replaced with decrees, regulations, and ignoring the obligations of those who, supposedly, work for us.
      A friend of mine, who is in the financial world, just attended a convention of 8000 participating accountants.  Not one has any idea what is in Obama Care or has any idea how to advise their clients how to deal with it. Likewise business people who have to plan ahead have no idea on how the new program affects them down the line.  Many are simply not expanding and creating jobs.
     Most of this is that the regulations have not been written that interpret the provisions of the bill.  There is something so wrong that any bill is passed before being read and understood by those in Congress.  It is a miscarriage of their trust and oath.
     A major point of the man now without a country, reveals that we are now the enemy.  The list has been out for more than a year of who Homeland Security considers to be a threat.  Is it Islamic terrorists?  No it is people who support the 2nd Amendment, are part of the Tea Party movement, Veterans, those who support life, or 'conservative',  and anyone who is perceived as a political threat to the regime.  This in their own words.
     What did a voting public expect when a man gives speech after speech saying he will fundamentally change America.  I am still trying to figure out what was better than what we had.  The only change needed is the ruling class in Washington.
      There needs to be an old fashioned tar and feather party and ride everyone out of Washington on the rail.  With all the faults and scars on this nation, we are still the country that others want to come to.  And we betray them by letting those who break our laws, or who would harm us, free access.
      Hitler believed in the BIG LIE.  It is that the bigger the lie and the more often it is told it will soon be believed.  If we falter and lose what our forefathers fought and died for, who is left?
     We are told that Fearless Leader does not believe in American Exceptionalism.  Who will be the shining city on the hill if we falter?
      There was a song and the last verse goes "said the people on the mountains with our brothers we will share, all the secrets of our mountain all the riches buried there.  Now the people cried with anger, mount your horses draw your swords and they killed the mountain people, so they won their just reward.  Now they stood beside the treasure on the mountain dark and red.  Turned the stone and looked beneath it PEACE ON EARTH WAS ALL IT SAID."
     And the sad chorus goes:  "Go ahead and hate your neighbor, go ahead and cheat a friend.  Do it in the name of heaven, justify it in the end.  There won't be any trumpets blowing come the judgement day.  On the bloody morning after-one tin soldier rides away."
     The saddest part is that once you leave the TV and go about your business it seems that these things could not happen here.  The residents of Europe thought the same thing.  Will the people who defeated evil and saved the world stand by and be more interested in Honey Boo Boo than saving the Republic?

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


                                                                      George Washington
     The Fourth of July has lapsed like most of our holidays to be a big party weekend.  BBQ and fireworks, getting together with friends and family.  I hope yours was special.  And as a retired firefighter I hope you did not burn up the countryside.  But did you stop to ponder what the celebration is truly about?
     The founding fathers intended for the holiday to be a religious one.  Our Declaration of Independence put forth that there are certain unalienable rights that were put forth by God.  The government that is supposed to be the servant of the people.  This does not sound as though it was intended for God to be excluded from any public functions.
     The First Amendment ensures freedom of religion, not from it.  And those who do not believe, atheism and agnostics, are a religion as well.  So this protects them from zealots.  Yet they become zealots in their own right.
     We have never been as close to losing freedom as we ever have.  The vote of the people are turned over by the courts, and the executive branch governs by mandate.  Citizen legislators who were supposed to do their civic duty and return home to work have become career politicians.  Where are the statesmen of the past?
     There is more worry on the part of the government about law abiding citizens than those who break our laws.  This means to me that the criminals take care of their own.  Those who take an oath to uphold the Constitution should be deposed when they openly attack it.
     Speaking against the regime now puts you in the sights of the Justice Dept., IRS, and Homeland Security.  If you are in business you can count on anyone of a dozen agencies that will visit you and tell you how to conduct your business.  All this while the president leaves the country during the holiday and tells others to "beware of us, US" and warns "his Press" to behave themselves.
     As a student of history the meaning of Independence takes on a whole new meaning when comparing today to the 1930's. 
     Here in Medicine Lodge there was a community choir concert performed called LIBERTY.  A musical celebration of Freedom.  A group as diverse as a county commissioner, mayor, farmer, rancher, business owner, accountant, business owners, clerks, mothers, fathers, and computer tech came together.  Together they were not Democrats, Republicans, Independents, they were Americans.  As those in the audience that gave a standing ovation for the concert were Americans.
     LIBERTY was a celebration of one nation under God.  The members came together at the busy time of year for all and celebrated our Liberties as it was intended.