Tuesday, February 26, 2013


     As I write this I am snowed in for the second time in a few days.  This is not a regular occurrence.  The last time was seven years ago and it caused the postponement of my birthday party (50).  As I sit and ponder the great moisture that we are getting from it, I am sure that someone has figured a way to blame it on global warming.  This is the largest snow totals in one hundred years.  What do these people smoke?
     I have already heard that this could be the end for the drought, don't take that to the bank.  It is amazing how perceptions can be when we live such a short period of time.  It is also amazing how many scientists jump to theories that they are not trained to make.  Most of the figures have been proven and admitted to be wrong yet the effort to go on and ignore the truth for agendas still has seeming intelligent people carrying the banner of Global Warming.
     Of course the term was changed to 'climate change' and now is being called something else.  Climatologists that speak to the people most directly affected by weather, the farmer and rancher, talk about long term cycles and recognize that there is always changing climates.  There is a reason we pick up sharks teeth in western Kansas.  It was the bottom of an ocean.  There is a reason for the rocks and terrain of NE Kansas, it was under a glacier.
      It was pointed out to me that the last glacier on the lower 48 is about to melt away.  I had to remind them that that is what glaciers do.  In the 1970's the popular belief was we were entering a mini ice age and all the same predictions were made then that are being made now for global warming.
      What about the facts?  There are more trees on the North American Continent now than when Columbus landed.  Trees use CO2 so higher amounts should stimulate tree and plant growth.  Trees and plants manufacture oxygen.
     The most hubris that the global warming crowd has is that man can really make a major difference in the content of the global air, or the ether that is was called in past centuries.  One volcano and many forest fires and many other natural occurring processes put out more than mans presence on this earth.
     So as I am getting ready to go get on the tractor and start digging out I am thankful that our prayers were heard.  I will keep up hoping for more moisture but the pattern may not be broken, and this is not the first drought to occur on the plains.
     And remember the next "expert" that blames the snow on Global Warming probably made the statement sipping Corona at a resort in Mexico.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


WHAT IS YOUR BELIEFS?  Who or what do you worship?  Maybe this question shows more about how and why our nation and society is sliding into the abyss.
      There was a meeting of the pastoral council last week in our community.  This is where all our denominations gather to discuss common problems and cooperative efforts.  It also happened to be the same day that our church had an extended finance committee meeting to discuss our congregations status.  It seems that no matter what denomination the problems are the same.  This is also true of the rest of the country.
      The most obvious is that attendance is dropping, especially among younger members, and income is dropping to support the churches basic needs.  It is a universal truth that 30% give and 70% don't.  We have a Time, Talent, and Treasure program that allows the Sunday sermons to devote themselves to spiritual topics.  When I was young it seemed that there was an inordinate amount of time spent asking for money.
      Back years ago we had a pastor that offered to make a bet with any member of the church.  He bet that if 10% was tithed that after a year if your circumstances were not better he would refund everything you gave.  There was not one family that asked for their tithe back.
      Later on another pastor created the Time, Talent, and Treasure program in a formal way and was so successful he presented it all over the nation to congregations.
      In today's world we seem to realize that there are more distractions.  Especially for the younger generations.  But if your faith is focused these distractions can be dealt with.  It comes down to what you worship.  By seeming to be believers our priorities seem to have slipped and there is worship more of technology, pleasure, hoarding, and all the old sins the biggest being money.
      When I was young we played war, cops and robbers, cowboys and indians, and spy (Man From Uncle).  We had toy guns and dad had real guns for hunting and self defense.  We did not end up shooting kids or theaters.  We also did not see 40,000 graphic images of death before we were in high school through movies and games as today.
     When a kid had problems in school you did not prescribe drugs to modify behavior.  You tried to find out what the problems were and fix them.
     The new great religion is the environment and mother earth has taken the place of God.  The usage of radical laws and concepts now allow those who are trained and know how to utilize and protect the earth to be dominated by those with an agenda to have more power.
     Another religion is technology.  There is such an fast paced development of things we never dreamed of that are deemed essential today.  The dependence is almost worship.  Try taking that i-phone away from the kid and see what they believe in.
      At some point you will have to decide if you worship things, ideas, or God.  The survival of our nation and world depends on your answer.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


     There are several reasons to take the oath of office.  I have taken it once for a Sheriffs Commission and once for an elected office.  The meat and potatoes of the oath is the pledge is to UPHOLD AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION FROM ENEMIES BOTH FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC.  There has been much disturbing talk coming out of Washington for several years in including our president who views the Constitution as a hindrance and a negative document.
     I would agree with the leader but in an opposite meaning.  The Constitution is a hindrance to those in Government who would be restrained by a document that foresaw their tyranny.  It is a negative document to the bloating of a government to control the lives of its people and restrain those in authority to lord their will over the people.
     With most of the pretenses now abandoned for the protection of the individual and placing the state first, we now see how wise the fore-fathers who created this unheard of form of government.
      It has been a question that has gone around many times about the choice that sworn officials will make when ordered to enforce unconstitutional laws.  Will those sworn to uphold the Constitution actually break down doors of law abiding citizens to confiscate their arms if ordered?  Would the military fire on U.S. citizens if ordered to?  An interesting question.  Some believe that this question has been asked of the leadership and the turn over of officers reflects the outcome.  I don't know, but I have not been comfortable with the retirements in the last few years of upper military command staff.
     With reported orders of equipment and ammunition for Homeland Security and other agencies being greater than the military there is a wonder what it is all for?  It is hard to sort stories of fact and fiction but the numbers turn up so often in such varied palaces there is some merit here.
     I know people in local law enforcement spread out around the country and I know some of them will not follow and illegal order by a federal agency.  I have heard positions from elected and non elected I will not go into.  This is because that the advantage of a concealed weapon in the citizenry increases the uncertainty of a perpetrator.  Just as much the opinion of those who intend to stand for the Constitution need the same advantage to raise the increase the uncertainty of the domestic enemy who would move to ignore the Constitution and the individual.
     After World War II Japanese Generals and Admirals were asked why they did not press the invasion of the US Mainland.  The answer was that "there would be a rifle behind every blade of grass".  After the Cold War Russian Field Marshal's were asked the same question and the answer was the same.
      The only way that we can be defeated is from the inside.  I hope there is someone smart enough to recognise when that time is here.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


     As the blame game goes around and everyone has a position about energy I have some random thoughts.  Recently my budget had a short respite from insanely high gas prices.  The reduction of gas to just under $3 dollars  per gallon seemed to make a difference with a lot of things in the economy.
     It seems that every side has an agenda and it is not hard to be just plain mad about what we are told.  Maybe there are a lot of ignorant people in the populace, many would hold up the re-election of the president as an example.  I know what the high cost of producing oil is and the infrastructure that is needed for it.
     I know that the other alternative forms of energy are being developed and will reach a profitable state.  You cannot stop the march of technology.  We came so close to Hydrogen fueled vehicles until Big Brother put an end to that for now.
     I was reminded yesterday of a story that has been told many times because it did happen.  In the 1970's in a Ford dealership a customer was so happy with his new car that got over 30 miles per gallon.  When in for service he bragged on it and the mechanics made a call to Ford and a hold was put on the car that included police and then security people holding the car until that carburetor, which was not supposed to be out of the factory, was removed and a standard carb was put on sending the mileage down to 12 MPG where it was supposed to be.
     The same thing happened in a Chevrolet Dealership in Western Kansas in the 60's with the same result.  I personally know a family friend who managed to make a big block Chevy engine installed in an old farm truck get over 25 MPG.  When he tried to patent the design he was hit with a blizzard of lawyers and legal actions.  He went to his grave a bitter man.
     These stories are attributed to local legend yet there are people who witnessed all this first hand.  It is like the irritation that so many who saw Cougars in Kansas were branded idiots by the State.  Until there was photographic evidence.
     Go into the back pages of the news over the last 50 years.  Every time the auto industry was forced to raise MPG there was a great furor about the technology just not being able to meet the new standards, yet they made them.  In the last 10 years when 30+ MPG was mandated the industry said they could not do it until 2050.  Now we See ads for 30 & 40 MPG cars and they finally got a pickup up to 20.  No surprise since Fords and Chevy's have been doing 50 & 60+ MPG in Europe, and Mercedes has a truck engine that will do 50+ over there.
     We are awash in oil and gas.  We could shut off the importation now if the will was there.  We have allowed the government to make refinery construction come to a virtual stop.  We have every interest group trying to stop one energy or another from being implemented.
     On the other side we have refinery shut downs for maintenance happening right when the price is dropping to rebound the price.  Shut downs of a majority of refinery's at the same time is not an accident.
      So what I am ranting about is that lets stop the politics! It only encourages politicians and radical groups.  I want the inventors to push the technologies and the cost of energy to get down to a reasonable level.  I want to quit sending the best of our youth to fight wars in places that live in the 8th century and want to dictate how we live.
     In other words I want everyone to quit shouting at each other and set down and talk.