Friday, July 29, 2011

Oh the politics!

I recieved a poll from my representative in Washington about the goings on with the current battle over spending.  He is a Tea Party candidate elected to clean up the Washington mess.  I replied in long hand rather than the poll.
    I reminded him that he was sent to stop the ridculous spending of our country into bancruptcy, which is where we are at.  I not only encouraged him to stay the course I went on to say what I think has to be done.
    There should be an immediate 10% cut back on all agencies except Social Security and Medicare.  These programs have been bought and paid for by those who are on them.  The money has been stolen by both parties since the 1960's and it should be paid back with interest.
     All foreign aid should be stopped except for humanitarian needs and any country, that recieves other, has to be a proven friend.
      The financial support for the United Nations will end now.  Only humanitarian causes will be supported and only when the directors of the agencies are not making 6&7 figure salaries, have limos, and drivers.
     The 28th amendment to the constitution passed and the fair tax initiated.  All congress will be subject to term limits.  The founding fathers intended citizen legislators not professional politicians.  Congress will immediatly be stripped of their retirement program, be required to abide by all laws passed, and participate in social security.
    I would love to run for office myself but the system has been perverted for those who have access to funding and backing the common man does not. 
     When one man (George Soros) plans the taking of the government and placing everyone into the administration and effecting state and local office holders we are on borrowed time to keep our republic. 
     It is up to every voting person to throw the socialists out and put God and Citizens back into our system.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hotter than What

Well we are have set the new record for over 100 degree days and with each day we are shattering the record more.  And with the hot weather and a drougth that is 20 years over due you would know that the Global Warming idiots start coming out of the woodwork.  I have not heard of any acid rain lately and the politically correct crowd has change the terminology to climate change.
     Well thank God for climate change!  Without it we would still have a glacier over a portion of Kansas and everything North of here.  Climate change has been the story of the earth for it's entire exhistance.  And if man thinks he can affect it in any major way it is pure huberis.
     How soon is forgotten by the mainstream press and every green lunatic out there that the United Nations statistics for the Global Warning Emergency were fabricated and a hoax.  Yet they still are determined to transfer all our 'wealth' to underdeveloped countries.  Next year our president is in the position to sign a UN treaty that will facilitate this and neuter our Constitution.
     There is no green lunatic that can deny that the water, air, roadsides, and major contamination areas have not been immensley improved since the 1970's.  Big surprise that cars are getting milege upwards of 30 to 50 mpg.  Even pick ups that we owners of are getting 20mpg or better.  We have been demanding them for years.
      There are many 'green' things that are common sense and should be done because it is just the right thing to do.  I am incensed at groups and individuales that use lies, pop science, and scare tactics to effect political change. 
      Some people get radical the opposite way and are against many good things because they are green.  For the first time our importage of oil from foreign sources is below 50%.  Bio fuels have affected the overall picture of our energy scene and without it there is extimated that we would be paying $1.00 or more per gallon of gas without alternative fuels.
     Were are in the start of a oil and gas boom in these hills and the discovery of more and more energy deposits in our country puts us at the point of considering any unreasonable limits on production as just treasonous. 
     Well that is my rant from the hills for now.  It took me a long time to get back into the blog.  I am not very techi you know.

Monday, July 11, 2011


Well the hottest that I have seen my thermometer has been 121.  Now that is hottern hell.  Our firefighters in the region have been out fighting fires in this heat.  It is just inhuman.  Most of the fires are started by dry lightning that we have had with some fake cool fronts that pop thru.  I visited with the local county fire chief and expressed my concern with the personal turnout gear that they have to wear.  When I was on the floor I was disgusted with the department not allowing the use of forestry gear which is lightweight and still gives protection.  When you add 75 pounds in hot clothing and boots to a person and let him hike several miles pulling hose up and down hills it will drain your energy and moisture in no time.  Luckily the chief said they were going to go to the forestry gear. 
     Volunteer departments which are 75% of the nations firefighters have a tendency to be in poorer health than full time departments.  That is because the age and availability for manpower for the rural areas is critical.  These ranks are why the full time departments started hiring women.  Not because of the equal rights clause but that they have proven they can do the job.
     Heart and health problems are not automatic disqualifiers for rural departments.  The need for manpower is just too great.  I know one little town, pop. 7.  The only man left in town had open heart surgery and he would pull the truck out to the road and wait on the first cowboy to come by and comandeer him to go on to the fires.  This is no joke it is real life in the country.
      I am hoping to start a partnership with a fire equipment manufacturer to produce a radical new fire attack vehical to give the rural departments a fighting chance.  Wish me luck.  And remember the firefighters and EMT's in your prayers.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


This is my first posting on a blog of my own.  Let me introduce myself.  I am Roger and I live in the Gypsum Hills of Kansas.  I am 3rd generation rural Sedgwick County resident and 3rd Generation Graduate from Goddard High School.  I have spent my whole life in the country and have been involved in farming and cowboying all my life.  I also have had the privelage of being a firefighter/EMT which I am retired from.  I also have had a wealth of experience in many fields including, welding, woodworking, auctioneering, real estate, heavy equipment, deputy sheriff's commision, fire inspector, safety consultant, businessman and township official.  I have one published book of cowboy and country poetry, one CD of Western music, am a member of the Western Music Association, and freelance writer.
     Having an ancestry of German and Scotish I naturally have an opinion on just about every subject.  If you read me for political correctness you will be very sorry for I don't believe in it.  I love my country, my God, and the people who defend it.  I believe everyone has the chance to chase a dream as long as it does not take anyone else's away.
     Although registered as a Republican I am more Libertarian in my views.  I think everyone in Washington is either a crook, traitor, or will be one.  I believe in the 28th Ammendment and until we restore honesty and intelligence to Washington that we are endanger of losing our Republic.  And if you call it a democracy you are not intelligent enough to know the history of this country.
     I believe in giving a helping hand to those in need but not a handout.  If I were in the White House I would deploy the military to our southern border, create a workable guest worker program and path to citizenship, and cut off all support of the UN and Forgeign aid accept humanitarian.
     I believe in your right to speak, own a gun, and participate in the process of governing.  The tax system is an unworkable maze of special interests and should be scrapped and the Fair Tax adopted.  If you have not read the provisions of the Fair Tax don't exhibit your ignorance by arguing.
     I believe that you and I do not have to agree on anything but if you have to resort to name calling and yelling you have displayed your contempt for this principle.  And if you have to resort to calling me or anyone a racist because you are in disagreement You should not be talking you should be studying.
     I believe that Junk Science and theories has no place in policy decisions and resorting to emotion is the crutch of the uninformed. 
     I eat meat and if you don't that is your business.  Do not tell me how to live.
     And if the fact that children commiting crime or going on rampages bothers you what did you expect when God and his principles have been removed from school and everything else.  Schools that don't teach, have discipline, or cheat on tests is the result of removing the basis of ethics, the 10 Commandments.
    We have killed a generation by having the 'right to abortion' and wonder why life is cheap. 
     We have the power to make the world a better place but when our electorate expects government to take care of it we are lost.  There are many that are willing to rule with an iron fist.  Your 'rights' will mean nothing to them.

     Now there you know where I am coming from.  If I made you mad, good!  Maybe you will think.  Otherwise have a good day.