Friday, May 29, 2015


                                     Samuel Goldwyn

     Well it has been expected by many of my readers for a long time.  It also has been wanted in some form by my detractors.  It has taken a long time to try and get this into words and I am still not sure I can get it right.  But here it goes.
     It is well known that I have been a critic of politicians in general and mistakenly that I am a supporter of Republican politics.  Those who seem to be on one side or the other read in assumptions as to their position.
      I have stated before that I have to register as a Republican in my county if I want to vote.  The number runs roughly 95% R to 5% D.  So the primary is when most of our offices are actually elected.  The local Democrat Party just does not run people in many positions.
      This fact does not mean I am enamored with the Republicans.  Hearing the positions that the Democrats take in the larger picture I cannot support them and I find the Republican party run by a lot of self serving pompous ass's.  The way the party's are run leaves the average person out of the loop in general.
      One of my readers prompted me as to when I was going to express my opinion on Gov. Sam Brownback and the mess that the Kansas Legislature is in.  Others are wanting me to say the Democratic opponent should have been elected.  Wait just a minute!
     I am not happy with Gov. Brownback's job in the statehouse.  I have tried to give him all the benefit of a doubt as I can.  As to his opponent, I have to tell the Democrat party that they blew the election.  Picking a name that I had not heard before (I am not a big statehouse watcher) to be the candidate and running the name that is known and respected around the state as the Lt. Gov. was plain silly.  Had it been a Docking - Brownback race the results would have been different.
     The Legislature, I have always said, is safer when not in session is proving to be true.  I was a critic of the Educational Finance system when it was first put into place.  I was also critical of the lawsuits filed twice to try and change the system.  How many dollars were wasted on lawyers and court?
     But as big a critic of things as they were I have never understood how this two year block program is any better.  I have never seen money taken out of budgets during the year.  All school districts are in critical mode and many more communities are losing schools.  This seems to be a back door method of further consolidation and changing of boundary lines.
     Even though both parties have campaigned in the past about fiscal responsibility the last two Governors took funds from the Highway funds to cover other areas.  This Governor said he would stop that practice.  But one of the first things that happened was money taken out of the highway fund. 
     This state cannot even build a highway unless it is broken up in 5-10-or 12 mile segments.  But they stand on the report of Kansas having the second best roads in the nation.  How can you be proud of the fact that the nations roads, bridges, and infrastructure are falling apart and will soon reach a critical mass.  We are second best of the worst!
     I can go on and on but the political mess sickens me and I have not even gotten out of the state to the Feds yet.  I have to stop and get my blood pressure back down.  Let's boil it down to POLITICS STINK.  And as long as voters do not try to do their homework and blindly follow the dictates of the leaders of the parties to support things that are not part of the values that we as a nation aspire to.  We are going to see our liberties taken and more and more money sucked out of our pockets and wasted.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


"Wit is educated insolence."

      I am tired of the advertising agencies throwing loud nonsensical and irritating advertising at us every time we turn on the television.  Contrary to the 'rule of thumb' that we remember product names when the advertising is stupid and loud.  I do and avoid them.  The law was supposed to go into affect last year that advertising cannot be played at higher decibel levels than regular programing.  Well if that is all the better that they can enforce the law then quit sending in your taxes.  Works for Al Sharpton.
     I am so tired of advertisement's for things I don't even understand.  And if you think I am going to buy a car from the morons on TV you just don't know me.  I will go out of my way not to use products and services from companies that assume we are all idiots.
     Tell me how we are going to "save money" from these insurance companies when we don't know what the savings is from?  I am sure not going to buy insurance from a bad comedian wearing an apron.
     The electronic games that the kids from 5 to 25 insist on playing rather than talking to you look like the bad Japanese cartoons that I would not watch when I was a kid.  I don't see what the rating level has to do with oversexed, horrible creatures, and demonic characters, has to do with entertainment.
     It seems that there are only a few ads that really are cleaver and make us laugh.  Those few ad agencies seem to get that good will sells.  The others are looking for their next bag of Mary Jane.  I think many of them have moved to Crack.
     Maybe this brands me as an old goat but the shows that I really enjoyed are not made anymore.  If I want to waste my time watching one more program that confronts my values I will turn it off.  A good book beats the hell out of the night time soaps, propaganda, and pure moronic story lines.
     I don't know who they poll to see what works but it is not me.  Maybe they don't want to know what I think?  So much for accuracy.


Saturday, May 23, 2015


                                     Leonardo Da Vinci

     Normally you would write an article to fall on the date of a holiday so it would be timely.  Most people do, and many do it because it is just the timing, and it joins the theme of the moment.
     I wanted my thoughts to come out afterward because there are so many that are sincere for the moment or just paying lip service.  I want the thoughts on the sacrifice that our forefathers and military have paid so we can respect, and disrespecting, can be done.
     It is a shame that the political climate is such that the government can create distrust of the one group that take the protection of the Constitution seriously.  When Generals and Admirals are force to retire if they do not tow the political line things have gotten out of hand.
      There is a move to suspend the budget cuts of the military because they have had to shrink down to dangerous levels.  It makes no sense that a huge exercise to train for Martial Law in the United States starts in July.  It has made the biggest supporters have doubts on what the purpose of Jade Helm actually is.
      Many experts see no use for the training except for the purpose of it being used here.  The trust is the direct result of the direction that Washington has taken with all of our business.  The listing of everyday citizens on the terrorist watch list, as opposed to the 'radical extreme Muslims', makes many people distrustful.
      The extreme stories of the ultra conservative media works with the ignoring of the regular mainstream media in relevant stories work together to create the atmosphere of mistrust.
      If there is one more Senator or government spokesman that says you will have to pass this bill to see what is in it I am going to scream.
      We have a hero and his unit dies trying to do good during an earthquake and it ends with the weekly news cycle.  The person who robs a store and attacks a cop now is getting a permanent monument, this is beyond ignorance it is plain stupid.
      When a Mayor thanks the Crips & Bloods for their 'service' during a riot, and the same mayor holds back the police (to give the crowd room to destroy) is beyond comprehension.
      The men and women who have given their lives and those who come home crippled, have paid to dear a price to be taken for granted.  Those police and firefighters who stand between anarchy pay the price daily so we can go about our lives and read about the problems rather than experience them.
       Without those who sacrifice with honor for those who respect, and more for those who despise, we would be a bleak and lost society. 
      Beware those who pledge to fundamentally change our country.  The alternative is not anything we would like. When God was removed from our society what do you think the alternative is?

Friday, May 15, 2015


                                                 Corazon Aquino

     There are times that I have to just stop and wonder why good people have bad things happen to them.  It is often explained by those wiser than me and I have to be satisfied that I cannot understand.  It is a purpose far above any wisdom that man can define.  We have all had loss that cuts to our very soul and we never get over it we just learn to go on with it and continue to live.  But the human side of us have a little anger that so many who seem to be worthless and a drag on society thrive and prosper.  I am thankful that I am not required to understand.
      I did not know Capt. Chris Norgren, I do know that as a Kansan and Christian I am thankful, and proud, for people like him who set the examples for those who's lives he touched and those he inspired.
     It is fitting that such a life was not lost in a hostile action, though he would have paid the price there also, but trying to help others.  He would have not wanted the resources diverted for his search as it would detract from the mission.  But I am sure that those who spent the time to find his downed chopper and brought him home are honored to do so.
     What a legacy to lay down his life helping his fellow human beings as he served to protect our country.  An example that I am sure will be talked about in the days and weeks to come.  How can we console a grieving family and those who knew him and are inspired by him?  All we can do is try to live each day with his example.
     I have to say that I was surprised when I saw that the Marines were still using the Huey Helicopter in regular service.  The last one I saw actually fly was 30 years ago.  A chopper that was designed and started production in 1952.  Only the B-52 has been rebuilt and still in service as long.  As I research there have been many upgrades and repowering's over the years.  There are many still in use in public service and private hands.
     The Army retired the last Huey Cherokee's in 2012.  By the very nature of a helicopter it is a machine that is said to try and 'tear itself apart'.  Helicopters are very high maintenance.
      I visited with a former Marine once and asked about how nervous he was during his deployment in the 1st Gulf War.  He said the "scariest thing I ever did was flying in the old rattle trap helicopters that they had to use."  I hope that this has changed.  The crash was at 11,400 feet and you have to wonder what the safe ceiling is for that model.  The local military fly's the Airbus (Aerospatiale) Alouette style helicopters designed for mountain terrain.
     Old military pilots have a healthy respect for the rugged Huey compared to the newer Black Hawks.  Lets hope that the equipment for our military is the best that we can buy.  They deserve no less.
     I think this is one subject that everyone can agree on, that Captain Chris Norgren is a fine example of a Kansan and American.  We shall miss him.

Thursday, May 14, 2015


                                                    Henry Ford

     The middle of a drought is a great time to see that common sense is not so common.  Because there is generally some fast moving storms that come through and create flash floods.  This is when men's mentality seems to be challenged.
      If you have been raised in the middle of the Great Plains as I have, flash floods means fast moving water.  Fast moving water means that roads that once were there at some point will not be.
      The Weather Service, Emergency Management, DOT, Sheriff, Police, and news media constantly say never drive into water that you cannot see the bottom of, or fast flowing.  Yet on the internet there are scenes of fire trucks, military trucks, and other vehicle's driving through flooded areas.
     One shows a fire truck driving through 11 feet of water.  Water literally over the windshield wipers.  You might fail to notice that it is an Australian truck and the crew pops out the back jump seats when it starts flooding the compartment.  Even with air intakes high if I would have pulled a stunt like that my chief would have strapped me to the tail board for life, (nobody is allowed to ride tail board anymore).
     Another video shows a military 6x6 driving through 7 feet of water but it is in Louisiana in standing water with no current.  But you still don't know if the road is still there or not.  There are other videos but it can lead to people doing dumb things. 
      I worked a flood years ago and I was in charge of the rescue boat.  The area we needed to get into was relatively shallow for 3/4 of a mile.  We did tow the boat to that point before boating on to the house.  An auxiliary Chief turned off the road we were on and tried to drive through a cross current.  His Jeep was about 60 degrees in the air front down.  I tried to use a fence post to determine the depth of the washout off the hood and did not find bottom.  When the water went down the washout was about 12 feet.
     I know that it is fun to take the four wheel drives and see what all you can put them into as a kid, but as getting out and having to get pulled out got less fun, I don't do those things anymore.  I did go out one time when a river was overflowing and my vehicle was pretty heavy, so I thought.  In six inches of fast flowing water I almost was swept away and I could see the pavement all the way.  It was not a close call I want to do again.
      One more thing that I have tried to tell people never to do is drive into smoke.  This is very common during spring, after wheat harvest, and during drought.  The folks learned this the hard way when they turned down a road and got caught in heavy smoke from a grassfire.  They knew they did not want to be there and it was too late.  So was the pickup that they met midway.  Both of their mirrors were left on the road and know one went back to get them.
      I was caught in a blizzard going to pick up a friend to take to Wichita for an urgent doctor visit.  The highway was opened but was blowing bad in several places.  Being caught behind a line of traffic that was moving even more slowly than I thought was necessary I found a little car who never should have been out in the snow and wind.  Some vehicles just should be left sitting.  In a passing area I tried to overtake the car by passing a semi.  I was doing real good until headlights popped up in front of me and I could not slow down enough to get between but had to just plunge off the side in the ditch.  I was able to keep moving and get back up on the road when the others were past, but it was too close a call.  I am calling it a brain fart but it was plain stupid.
      We are now in tornado season and the urge for many who have no business chasing tornados are getting out with the actual chasers and creating traffic hazards.  Recently the Sheriff came on the radio and just declared a traffic jam west of town.  Ordering vehicle's further off the road he was ignored.  Then came under criticism for being grouchy.  Well if you remember a professional chaser was killed near El Reno Oklahoma not that long ago.  Use a little sense and don't create problems when it is a deadly serious situation.  A picture is not worth it.
     Which calls to mind the KANSAS TORNADO SHELTERING TECHNIQUE.  Which is, grab a beer, lawn chair, and video camera and tell the family to get downstairs.

Friday, May 8, 2015


                                     Karl Popper

     How many times do we have to be burnt before we stop doing stupid things?  A few years back houses in Florida had to be stripped of all wall board because the cheap Chinese board was so full of Formaldehyde that it was making people sick.
     Dogs across the country were getting sick and their livers damaged and many died because of contaminated Gluten filler in dog treats 'made in China'.  Lumber Liquidators are caught up in a controversy that the flooring 'made in China' has many times the deemed legal limit of Formaldehyde being given off.
      Do we see a common thread here?
      Many 'Dollar' canned foods especially mushrooms, shrimp, fish, and more are imported from China or the Pacific Rim.  I find these products poor in quality and not acceptable to feed myself or anyone else.  At a fish fry that I was involved in several years ago we always used a wholesale supplier for catfish.  The last year I helped the supplier switched the American product for Chinese.  It might have been fish but it was rubbery and it never did cook right.
     There is no problem with making a profit that is what fuels the economy and the standard of living that we enjoy in this country.  And since we support the world it is how they enjoy prosperity also.  But there has to be ethics involved.  If we as a people want products of poor quality and cheap prices that is what will be provided.
     If we as individuals and as a nation insist on quality and safety in our products it will be provided.  No company can stay in business by not catering to the desires of the consumer.
     Using slave labor is always a cheap way to produce and by supporting the nations that use slave labor or underpaid labor they will be happy to do so.  Are we so hard up as a nation that a few pennys more for quality is a problem?  I have always found that 'cheap' is always the most expensive.
     We would not have companies going overseas if we would make a conscious effort to buy American and demand that the products used in our behalf are quality and fairly produced.
      Many retailers have told me that it is nearly impossible to find American made products.  Yet I investigated opening a Made in America store and found all kinds of products available.  And, big surprise, many of them were cheaper that the Chinese made products of the same type.
     All we have to have is an ATTITUDE change and just STOP IT DANG IT!  Amazing what can be done with attitude.  Then maybe we can adopt an attitude with our elected officials and government.

Thursday, May 7, 2015


                                           Theodore Roosevelt

     What has education come down to that it is acceptable to blame a promoter of free speech for the attack on it?  The leaders of Islam have put a hit out on the promoter of the cartoon competition in Garland Texas.  Since two radicalized Muslim terrorists attacked the event there are those on MSNBC, CNN, and other leaders and media people who believe that there should be no right to exercise that right.  Would these people agree to place the United States under Sharia Law? 
      Who teaches that the Constitution is only valuable when you agree with it?  When did the actual words of the Constitution become incomplete and only used when lawyers and courts inject into it what is not there?
      Specifically, it is in the Constitution that if a subject is not mentioned specifically it becomes States Rights.  Why are courts continually overturning what has been voted on in a state and nullify it when there is nothing in the document that specifically addresses it?
      When officials from the very top on down ignore what the Constitution says, and takes the view that it is an enemy, it is time to take them down and put people there who take an oath and actually uphold it.
       Now our former Attorney General and his replacement have said they would ignore the law and follow the direction of the President.  More and more officials disregard the law and there is no one to prosecute or bring them to their duty.  When it is said in open and plain talk that the Federal Government needs to take over all policing why would anyone not be incensed?  It is distressing that one of my Senators voted to approve the new AG even when she says she will not enforce the law.
      What is coming out of Universities and those who set standards for education scares the hell out of me.  Education is becoming a joke and the good teachers who fight to do the right thing are prevented from doing so.  I am afraid that the ones who set the curriculums at all levels have used personal agendas and the goal is not students who are taught to learn and think but to accept what is fed them and go along.
      It is easy to look across the fields and hills and be lulled into thinking that all this discord worldwide does not affect me.  But the reality is that in some way what is going on will eventually affect us all.
      There are those who want to dictate how all agriculture is conducted, take the right of the property owner away, take the right to be secure in your own home and in your communications, and those who would dictate what and how much you can earn.  And if you cannot earn that it should be taken from those who do.
     What will it take for this country to return to the standards that made it the leader of the world?  Education?

Saturday, May 2, 2015


                                                             Mark Twain

     Oh yes Springtime, that time of year that renews all that is old.  Oops, the Legislature is still in session.  OH!  Congress is still in session.  Potus is not on the links in Hawaii yet, he still has his phone and pen.  Well at least nature is in that time of renewal.  Oh, earthquake in Nepal, volcano in South America, big eruption in Hawaii, quakes in Kansas & Oklahoma.  Well at least here it is a wonderful spring.  Someone said the earth moved again in town.
     Well at least the Kansas Sampler Festival was grand.  The cattle are now in the pasture.  Wheat is pushing heads up.  We had some rain and the days are great.
     The kids got graduated and are free.  Have a great summer so you can start building your next 35 years of debt in College.  Yes things are sweet.  The hummingbirds are back and so are the ants.
      You know I am going to have a good spring in spite of all the madness in the world because I decided to.  Attitude is the key ingredient in how things go.  You have to be stubborn sometimes to resist getting down by those who would pull you with them.  Believe there is no hope and there won't be.  It is a self fulfilling prophecy.
     Believe that things are going to be good they will.  It may take some elbow grease and fortitude but you can decide that things can be looking up. 
     You know that the name of my column is ROGER'S VIEW FROM THE HILLS.  I call it as I see it.  The overwhelming support that I have had does help me continue to vent.  I do have those who think I am nuts, 'place label here' (dumb, stupid, ill informed, uneducated, dunce,) just pick one or create your own.
     But if you would do as one recently did and declare that he did not agree with me so I have no right to express myself, I appreciate the challenge and the opinion.  But to believe that because he doesn't agree with me that he can invalidate my right to an opinion borders on the insane, or liberal.
     I enjoy the give and take of ideas it helps me to grow and stay sharp.  But as a famous man once said "if everyone is thinking alike, then no one is thinking".
     Disagree with me, but don't say I have no right to express my views.  You can find that mentality in any Fascist or Communist country.
     I am now adjourning to my new bench on the deck to contemplate.