Tuesday, September 27, 2011


It is a never ending supply of garbage.  Watching TV the politics just goes on.  It is maddening to watch the news media trying to manipulate the politics of this nation to their liking.  It amazes me how admitted left wing commentators,(I can not call them journalists), try to push one Republican after another changing from week to week as if they know what is best for the other party and America.  They had their way the last time, don't you think they would go OOPS!!!
     My opinion is getting to be the rest of America's, throw the whole bunch out lock, stock, and barrel.  There is never going to be any representation of the people by those who have the power to feather their own nests.
     I keep getting e-mails on the 28th Ammendment.  By which the pork barrel lid is nailed on.  All special benefits, retirements, exemptions, and term limits apply.  No special golden parachute for one term crooks who call themselves the guardians of society.  Acording to Snopes this movement is a myth.  WELL IT IS TIME TO MAKE IT REAL.
     Our founding fathers had it right when they wanted no professional politicians.  Our leaders were to be citizen legislators, serve a specified period of time, then go back to their jobs.  It is high time.
     When the 18 year olds were given the right to vote it only took 18 months to ammend the Constitution.  The states are the only ones that can clean the mess up in Washington.  Pass the 28th ammendment in 35 states and ratify and we throw the bums out with the mandate to clean up the mess.
     Until the Progressives changed the law our Senators were elected by the State Legislators.  We need to take back what our founders intended and what our forefathers, sons, and daughters have (and are still) dying for.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


I was delighted at the report on the national news about a businessman who is getting tired of the inferior work and materials that his Chinese factory is producing.  Going to inspect the plant, which is in the largest manufacturing area of the country, he pointed out the problems to his Chinese manager.  The response was that the cost of labor was rising at a rapid rate and also the cost of materials.  Kind of a familiar excuse, huh?
    The major attraction to overseas manufacturers is for the most part that you still can get sweatshop conditions and if not slave labor, indentured servants.  Is it the greed of the corpiorations?  That would be the knee jerk reaction that I would expect of the typical liberal reaction.
     Although it is pointed out over and over again that the consumer dictates the market, it is largely ignored.  The number one rule of business is provide what the customer will buy.  Number two is, that to survive, there has to be a return to the stockholder and owners or there is no business at all.
     I am no lover of Wal-Mart but if droves of people were not buying what is there, they would not be in the position they are today.  The consumer has to make a concerted effort to not buy the inferior products from overseas.  I have learned to read labels and make it known that I will not buy cheap foreign goods.  If everyone would do that we would be putting people back to work.
     There is a joker in the deck, the Federal Government.  Besides the rediculous attempts to regulate and control everything in the economy, by the way that is called Facisim, the politicians from the top down believe they can create jobs.  Balderdash!!!!!  The only thing that the government does is kill jobs and seize assets.  If there is any job created by politicians and bureaucrats, it is more government jobs.  This only takes from the private sector.
     Everytime our fearless leader opens his mouth we in Kansas lose jobs.  The Liberal Mob in Washington is waging class warfare in this country for votes.  Our second largest industry is Aircraft and everything that relates to it.  50%  of the worlds aircraft and components are made in Kansas.  When the assualt on the auto industry was undertaken by the president one entire factory, that ribbon cutting was about to take place, in Wichita was canceled.  And entire production line of the most modern business class jet and all the jobs (over 600) went away.
     Even this company, which is no longer local owned, has not learned the lessons themselves.  In a plant in Mexico where the company sent American jobs to, the workmanship was so bad on the wings they produced, that when the FAA was testing the plane a 7 foot section of the wing fell off.  In the 80 some years that this company has been in business I have never heard of a failure like that.
     Back to the company in China.  The owner is moving his equipment back to the USA and is going to employ Americans.  Other companies are considering the same thing.  IT IS ABOUT TIME!!!!
    I was at the State Fair the other day and was delighted at the booths that proudly proclaimed that their products were all American made.  IT IS ABOUT TIME!!!!
    I was delighted when watching a congressional panel when the senator told the agency spokesperson that the American people are tired of the government telling them what light bulb to buy, what toilet to buy, and causing people to use poisonous and dangerous products made in other countries that have no controls or standards.  IT IS ABOUT TIME!!!!!
    I have been trying to start a retail store in our local town and when I ask friends who are in business why an all American Made Store would not be a great draw, they say if you can find the products it would be great.  It is sad that these friends go to the major markets in Las Vegas and have no American made products to choose from.  Well I have been looking and guess what?  There are hundreds of American companies still out there and thousands of products, you just have to look.
     We have become a society that takes no responsibility for anything.  We can have jobs, we can have a good economy, we can put America back on solid footing again.  We simply have to choose to.
     HERE IS HOW YOU CAN DO IT!  Forget the government, read labels and refuse to buy overseas goods.  There are still solid qualilty products that can be bought from overseas but if we shift our buying habits to only buy American and top quality, we can put America back into it's position as that shining light on the hill.  A great man said that once and we were and are.

Friday, September 9, 2011


As the anniversary of 9/11 comes it always brings a flood of emotions.  Even though my life has been the love of the farm & ranch life I have had the opportunity to have the three greatest jobs that anyone can have in life.  I have spent many hours on a tractor and in the saddle and know the wonder and quiet of the country.  I have been on stage and have people clap for the things that I sing, recite, or talk about, and I have been a firefighter/emt.
     In two of the three vocations there is a lot of reality and you have to seperate out feelings in order to sometimes get the job done.  In the other you have to bare your soul and release emotion to do justice to the material and the expectations of those you entertain.
     On the fire department I found that helping people was a particularly sticky job at times because you deal with people at their best and worst.  Things you see are like the soldier, things that no human should see.  You deal with emotions by building baracades and developing goofy senses of humor.  The one thing that you find on the inside of the service is the brotherhood.  It is something that is there no matter what happens.  Even after moving on to other things it is still there.  There is no such thing as a retired or former firefighter we are just off duty.
     Even after health problems stop me from even the concept of picking up a hose and going after the flames the urge is still there.  When there is smoke in these hills, which is generally not a good thing, the desire is to jump in the truck and go towards it.  Seeing a fire truck or an old fire truck turns my head as quick as an attractive woman.
     I was watching the Today Show on September 11, 2001.  The word came in that something was happening at the World Trade Center and they turned on the roof camera.  As the seeming accident was attracting so much attention I watched the second plane, live, crash into the second tower.  And then the reports of the Pentagon and another airline crash.  It was no leap to assume that we were under attack. 
     It takes me back to the same program a few years earlier when the Today Show mentioned that something happened in Oklahoma City.  As the unknown explosion turned into a massive incident I was watching live.  The call went out for assistance from medical and fire personnel from anywhere remotely close.  I almost packed up my kit and went there, that same pull.
     Though not superstitous there is on thing that haunts me to this day.  As the buildings came crashing down and I yelled that the firefighters are still in there, the eventual number chills my spine.  I lived on 343rd street west for 32 years, the number of firefighters killed was 343.  Some coincidences bother you wether they should or not.
     I have had other people say in the past that they cannot understand the instinct of a firefighter to run into or upon something that everyone else, or anyone in their right mind, runs away from.  I cannot explain it, it is just a part of what we are.
     As long as I live the haunting of watching 343 brothers perish will always affect me.  Luckily I have been able to let emotions do what they are intended to do.  And the brotherhood is still as real to me as the day I recieved the badge and threw my coat, boots, and helmet on the fire engine.

Monday, September 5, 2011


It is amazing the human mind.  It can do wonderous things, given the right incentives.  It can make giant strides forwards and backwards.  Thus the truism 'if history is ignored you are condemed to relive it'.  It also can take fiction and make it the future.  One hundred years ago the automobile was a fad that would surely fade away.  Electricity in the country, unthinkable!  25 bushel wheat was a good crop now is considered a crop failure.  To fly 2-3-4 times the speed of sound, Buck Roger's fiction!  A computer? Cell phone? Digital TV? Space Station?
     Looking back at how our forefathers made it, without everything we take for granted, is nothing short of amazing.  But our rural areas are now shrinking because one man can farm the same as 12-15.  You can speed to a big city center in an hour or two and buy groceries at giant warehouses or elegant stores where your can buy groceries, eat a meal, buy a diamond and a couch, plus take flowers and your perscription with you.
     A defeatist attitude can color the most positive person and difficulties are easy to give in to today because failure is expected.  Personal responsibility is a thing of the past let alone the responsibility to carry on traditions that have made it thru 5 generations.
     We have a community celebration that is put on in the hills every 3 to 5 years.  It is based on the historical signing of a peace treaty with 5 plains indian tribes.  It has been a tradition since 1927 and is the trademark of our community.  5 generations have participated in it and it is a terribly hard and expensive thing to continue.  But it has always been continued by pride, a responsibility to the past, and a hope for the future.
    As our area shrinks and people die or move on it is an even bigger burden to those that remain.  But the rest of the world takes for granted that such a grand production will continue on into the 6th, 7th, and 8th generations.  It is so great a burden that it is felt by many that they cannot continue it and they use the line "this may be the last one" as a desperate hope that enough people will come to make it worthwhile.
     I cannot imagine what the feeling will be when the next generation will ask why did you let it die?  The excuses are all reasonable and valid but the question remains that when these people are sitting in a coffee shop, with their walkers and memories, will they be proud, ashamed, or indifferent that the great pageant was closed on their watch.
     Lets hope that the ones that have had enough will step aside gracefully and cheer on the next generation that will put it on again.