Monday, February 29, 2016


                         Redd Foxx

     What I hate about feeling sick is how I cannot get much of anything done.  It is also a real brake on the function of my mind.  Normally I would pop in some snarky line here but one just don't come to mind. 
     It is spring (like) and everything is trying to bud out.  My allergies are going wild and I think it has moved into bronchitis.  I started coughing and eyes watering and burning coming home from the fish fry at Sharon Friday night.  To say I have been sick as a dog is a disservice to dogs.
     I am in the middle of researching a lot of subjects for my book about Kansas and it is really slowing me down.  A lot.  It is already hard enough that my subjects are little known things about Kansas.  When it is little known I mean it is hard to find any source on a lot of topics.
     But the good thing is I have a great doctor and she is going to get me in this afternoon.  Maybe I won't be up every hour on the hour tonight.  Now I would not be the one to claim that I have had a healthy lifestyle.  But right now I don't think I have done anything right.
     Now this brings a good subject up, the Federal Government has cut back Medicare payments to our rural hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics.  We have already lost some in this process.  Someone in their brilliance has brought up that Medicaid should be expanded.  All the states around us that have, have fallen into the trap of growing numbers and less dollars.  The job that the legislators do is not one that I would like to be doing.  There is a no win situation there.
     So I will just go lay down for a while until it is time to head out of here and hope someone will answer my e-mails that I have sent out today.  Here is hoping for a clear head, sinus, and lungs this week.  The best advice I can give is upgrade to a better whiskey.

Friday, February 19, 2016


                                             St. Francis of Assisi

      The first set of triplets born at St. Francis Hospital was the beginning of some very colorful children full of life and talent.  When young they would dress in sailor suits and do acrobatics and all three would play the trumpet.  Full of life born into a farm family they grew up knowing the meaning of work, play and faith.  And one more thing, humility.
      One of the three was Don.  I knew him smoking meat around the area with his friend Lee.  I remember hearing him pull out and play the harmonica.  I remember a quiet sense of humor and a genuine concern for how you were doing.
      I remember Don and Jo Ann because they were the couple you would envision when the perfect couple would be mentioned.  They raised a family together and went through the tragedy of losing a beloved daughter to cancer.  They bore the trials of this world with patient faith, hope, and the grace that we always would hope that we would be able to when we are faced with it.
      They believed in the dignity of life and when many would be loud and rally against things like abortion, they would quietly give the hope and assistance to those who would choose to keep their babies.  Working quietly with a group of volunteers out of a small garage behind St. Anthony's Church in Garden Plain they ran the Pro Life Outreach Program.
      Any mother who chose life was able to come and receive things like baby beds, formula, clothing, and many other things that helped to make raising a child a bit easier.  Soon agencies from all over Wichita and many other places knew to bring the new mothers out to Garden Plain for a little assistance and a lot of love and encouragement.
     Don had the knack of finding and buying the things needed to make the Outreach work.  He knew where to go, who to talk to, how to get the best deal, and many times would get many of the items donated.  He will be missed.  But he would only tell you that there will be someone to step up and do the job.  He would never consider himself to be indispensable.
     Indispensable?     How can someone not be indispensable who has such a strong faith in a world losing faith, who would be so humble as to not brag or bring attention to himself, who knew how to welcome everyone as a friend?     Indispensable as a man who will bring a smile to my face whenever I think about him.  Indispensable when I pop the one CD he made in my player of Don playing his harmonica, a thing that his daughter convinced him to make.
      I will cherish the time that Don got up to play his harmonica with my friend Barry Ward at our backyard concert.  A whole community has been enriched by his life and now diminished by his passing.  The impact that Don made will never be known or calculated.  Everything he did was done quietly and many times no one knew what he did.  His influence will continue through his family and friends.  And through someone who will step up and carry on where he left off.
      His spirit will always be quietly behind all of us that knew him and even those who didn't.  His was a life well lived and now missed.

Friday, February 12, 2016



     The one truth in keeping yourself healthy is that you have to take charge of your own health management.  Initially it involves not doing things that are harmful to yourself, next is to change the things that will harm you, and last is being in control of the actions taken to become healthy again.
     Not as simple as it sounds.  We are all doing things that are just not good for us.  Some we try to change and others we get bull headed and do anyway.  This brings to mind the series of redneck jokes that you can customize to group or state.  The punch line is always "hold my beer and watch this".
      For some reason we many have put doctors and the medical profession on a pedestal and when we are hurting we allow anything to be done to us without understanding why.  The medical profession is full of very sincere and intelligent people who want to do their best to help you.  And then there are those who are there to just get a pay check.  Those in the medical field are first and foremost human.  Subject to all the same virtues and faults.
      It is up to you to control your own destiny as to how you are managed when you are hurting and it is also the worst time to make sound decisions.  And now the government is sticking its nose into your health. 
     In Wichita there is a medical clinic that is more famous around the world than in it's own town.  The Riordan Clinic, when I talk of this group of medical professionals no one can picture who they are.  Until I tell them that the group of Geodesic domes and the pyramid on North Hillside.  Generally they remember seeing them off of K-96 but have no idea what or who they are.
      The history of the Riordan goes back to Dr. Riordan and Mrs. Garvey.  The research started by Dr. Riordan forty years ago continuing the work of Dr. Linus Pauling on Vitamin C therapy continues to this day.  Dr. Ron Hunninghake continues the work and has lectured around the world on their work with Vitamin C IV Therapy.  They have worked with literally thousands of patients with cancer, lupus, obesity, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and much more.
     Now the FDA has superseded the directive of congress on the prescription products that they use, Vitamin C IV.  In effect the cost has been forced to skyrocket and the dosages cannot be kept on hand until ordered specifically for a patient.  It also eliminated the companies that made the product to one.
     Vitamin C is something that the body does not make for itself and oral dosages that you would take can only be absorbed in partial and the rest eliminated in the digestive tract.  The IV therapy is the only way that the full benefits of the vitamin can be used in therapeutic ways.
      Because the mainline medical establishment is always hostile to thoughts and practices very few doctors even know about the work that can be done and is being done at the Riordan.  Since the government specifically the FDA has decided that this practice is outside the norms it is taking a mandate from congress and twisting it into something it was not supposed to do.  But then this is a common theme now with the three letter agencies.
      In conjunction with my family physician the doctors and staff at the Riordan have worked with me for years on the collection of ailments that I am dealing with.  The IV-C is always the thing that enhances my treatment and helps me make progress on getting my health in order.  I am outraged that the costs and time elements are added to my treatment by some faceless bureaucrat.
     If you or a loved one is suffering from a debilitating disease I would more than encourage you to check into this clinics abilities.  And I encourage you to go to and sign the petition to support S.1406 SAVING ACCESS TO COMPOUNDED MEDICATIONS FOR SPECIAL NEEDS PATIENT ACT
      The first rule of the undermining our country is seize control of health care.  The first steps have been taken and if you want to have any control over your health and life you have to insist on controlling your own health treatment.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Let me add one caveat, I understand the frustration
of the protesters in Burns Oregon.  I do not agree
with their method.  Even with a constitutional right,
choosing to be armed will allow the worst to happen.
And then those who simply won't care will allow
the worst to happen and those in authority to get
away with whatever they choose to do.

     Since the mainstream media has chosen to give the 'official' line and even the cable outlets have pulled back from reporting, we are left with a barrage of stories that have to be sifted through with what degree of understanding we have, of what is going on in the west. 
      When it is shocking that news coverage of people shot in the inner cities and the resultant shock waves go through the news.  Then a rancher going to a meeting from a protest is shot down, and there are comments on it being his fault for being killed.  What has this country become and where are we going.
     It is not easy to explain and understand what is going on in the West and why are farmers and ranchers protesting the federal agencies that they have to deal with.  When you have not been educated on the underlying issues and the complex set of circumstances it is too easy to just accept what is given and automatically blame the victim.
      Even though I have been following a large number of happenings that have been going on in the west it is not easy to get across what is really happening.  We have been so insulated here as to what the daily workings of the alphabet of federal agencies are doing and capable of.  So we don't think that it is a real threat.  After all your farm or ranch is not in danger of being seized and your business and life being put on a fast track off the land.
     Do you think that the controlled burn that got away from you and crossed your property line would have the potential of putting you in prison?  Controlled burns are standard practice for the health of grassland and at times when a controlled burn gets away it is considered an accident.  It is put out, any compensation is agreed to and life goes on.
     However, that is unless you border a piece of Federal Property and a bureaucrat has decided that your property is wanted for an unnamed project.  Then if the officials who you elect that are supposed to stand by your side decide to stand against you, you can go to prison.  And after going to prison and getting out after doing your sentence another judge decided you did not do enough time and sends you back to prison for another sentence.  There is only one word that can describe this TYRANNY.
      Is this our future?  Federal agencies have created and used SWAT teams to enforce regulations created by personnel in offices in Washington with out the express consent of the Congress.  A rancher in Idaho is shot by two deputies when he tries to put down a bull that they had pumped full of ineffective shots.  Texas ranchers who have patented lands that have been paying taxes for 4 & 5 generations are notified that they no longer own the lands.
      In Wyoming a rancher built a pond that his family can fish in and livestock can water from.  The EPA under the new 'Waters of the US' are imposing $75,000 per day fines because he did not ask them to build it.  This on his own land and permitted locally.
     When the Hege's in Nevada have fought for 25 years and won judgments from Federal Courts and have not seen a dime, or any orders of the judge fulfilled, and are still in court.  The father did not live long enough to see the so called victory and the son has had to become a lawyer to even afford to still pursue the court actions that the government continues to file.
     This is just a sample of the TYRANNY that exists in the country.  The protests in Oregon being controversial have allowed the media and government to dominate the information that you are expected to believe.  Yet when a 71 year old rancher stumbling in a snow drift is shot at least 7 times and the only narrative is an overhead film that is purported to justify the action, including the shot in the back and no other facts, including the fact that the truck was shot up and a boy was wounded in it, this is TYRANNY.
     If all you can do is blame the man for resisting, and protesting, and it is OK to kill him when no gun was in his hand then you need to examine what you believe.
     The last time that the phrase 'hands up, don't shoot' took place it was a lie.  And yet this man was hands up and when it went down because that was where the first bullet hit.  As he lay in the snow no aid was attempted. This is ok with you?  Everyone I know is busy trying to support our police and let them do their job.  So is the shooting of a 71 year old rancher ok with you?
     The sad thing is the history of this whole mess will be written by the ones with the power to dominate the narrative.  Will the full story come out?  I do not know.
      We have a party in Congress that supports agents crashing in your doors to arrest you for any suspected wrong, even if it is a protected right, this is TYRANNY.
      Will you silently allow the creeping power of the bureaucrat to remove all rights and the ability to live as you see fit?  Will you vote for a candidate that supports the might of the government over it's citizens?

Saturday, February 6, 2016


                                                      Charles de Gaulle

      When the Kansas aircraft industry was getting its real start, and the clouds of war were looming over the world, there was a definite reason for locating aviation here.  Since aircraft innovation and advancement were already a major part of life in the state it would be natural for it to be here.  The location in the center of the country for security was another.  The conditions for flight in the Midwest was another.  But one major reason was the workforce.
      It was considered that the potential workforce that consisted of farmers, who had a knack for problem solving, and young people would be ideal to train.  The bad habits or idiosyncrasies of traditional manufacturing areas was thought to be harder to break in the need of innovation and work customs.
     The history of Kansas is full of farmers, blacksmiths, carpenters, and craftsmen that dreamed big dreams and solved problems.  And as the manufacturing of aircraft and many other things developed here, this proved to be sound thinking.  Even if the owner of Boeing was not thrilled with the scenery of Kansas over Seattle.
     It has been common knowledge that during NASA's hay day, when innovation was the order of the day, that comments were made to "send that problem up to Wichita and let those farmers figure it out".  They were not wrong. 
     There were times that the Wichita aircraft plants would arrange for vacations or time off to be taken during wheat harvest.  Many plant employees were farmers that worked the city job and went home to farm.  Aircraft employees were known to drive from as far as Blackwell OK and Anthony Kansas and further for the regular wages and benefits.
      As is well known, at least locally, there have always been ups and downs in the aircraft industry.  One innovator was Beech Craft, and during the foreseen end of World War Two, they could see that the seeming unlimited orders from the government were going to end.  So they were looking for things to fill the gap between war and peace.
      Beech was working on two Dodge reconnaissance vehicles for the Army that were gas/electric hybrids.  Sounds familiar?  They were an all wheel drive unit powered by a small air cooled aircraft engine powering an electric generator.  Each wheel was powered by electric motors.  This eliminated the transmission, drive shaft, differentials, and weight.  The units could operate easily on a 45 degree angle.
      With VE day the engineering department was instructed to take this technology and apply it to a civilian automobile.  Just imagine the automotive industry today with the big names GM, Ford, Dodge, Beech Craft.
      The prototype became the Plainsman.  It featured a lot of aircraft design,  including all aluminum frame and body.  Spacious interior for six adults, great visibility, and top speed of 160 MPH, 25 MPG, and 30 MPG in town.  Although the projected price put it in the $4000, to 5,000 dollar range (the range of the Rolls Royce) there would have been a definite market niche for it.  And besides when the farmers got done putting it into production the cost would have come down.
     Many of the features makes me wonder why a lot of this 1946 technology is not being used today in cars?  But then if farmers ran the auto industry it would have a different face on it today.
     Think of how Washington would be if farmers were called in to fix things there?

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


                                                 Milton Friedman

     I have told you before to look out because the Legislature is in session.  It is the time to bring the kids in, pull the blinds, and hide in the basement.  So there is a problem.  In the collective wisdom of people, that most of you let about 20% of the people vote into office, they are going to fix the problem.
     Ok.  The money coming in is not what they expected.  This is a broken record.  Who are doing the estimates?  If they worked for your company and have had a track record of not being able to give an educated guess that is remotely close to facts, you would fire them.
      There is just so much money that can be stolen from the DOT budget and diverting retirement money.  What is the solution?  Well lets look at education for a minute.
     I was talking to an elected official the other day and what the state is going to send down for us is very worrisome.  The state is trying to come up with some solutions for education and that is very scary.
     Lets look each other in the eye for a minute and make some decisions.  There is two ways that this is going to go down.  Either the state is going to break up how you run your school districts or you are going to have to bury the hatchet with your neighboring districts and come up with some solutions on your own.
     As much as we talk about supporting each other and doing things for the common good, and keeping the rural life going, there are some hard feelings and rivalries that go back to the old team that has to stop.  As many bad stories and hard feelings that have happened over the years with consolidation and closing schools, there has to be a time to set down like adults and look at the problems straight on.
     I have always thought that many of the smaller districts paying six figures for superintendents was a little silly.  But administration in larger districts is a bit over the top too.
     There comes a time that the north part of the county and the south part of the county, or east and west, is going to have to stop looking like the Civil War.  Very few districts cannot be looked at and find values and practices that are not at all efficient or imaginative.
     Like it or not things are changing and the schools are having a hard time keeping up because how doing something different is not even considered.  Yet a program like Common Core can be mandated by the Feds and State and be totally accepted.
     The street segment that used to be run on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno was a pretty funny thing since the people who did not even have walking around sense were from Caliwierdia.  But many other reporters and entertainers are doing it on city streets and on University campuses and the dumbing down of the country is no laughing matter.
     How are we going to keep Topeka dictating how our schools are run?  You are going to have to sit down with your neighbors from across the counties and come up with something.  Otherwise you are going to hate the results.