Monday, April 27, 2015


                     NUISANCE FOR ANOTHER
                                            Havelock Ellis

     When stopping for our Sunday edition of the Eagle we were in for a shock.  Seems that, once again, the paper will scale back it's coverage and we will no longer be able to go down after church for a copy.
      Now of course this irritated me to no end.  Kansas has the distinction of at one time having the most newspapers in the country.  It has been a long tradition that the news be put out at a regular pace and many places had competing papers that lead a spirited battle with each other.
     Many papers in the country used to relish the shared copies of several Kansas newspapers because of the unique insights and coverage of events.  The roots of the Eagle can be seen in Old Cowtown museum at the recreated offices of the WICHITA CITY EAGLE.  The Eagle has been a part of the development of Kansas since the 1870's.
     When Marshal Murdock was recruited to come to Wichita in it's early days it was a booster that helped the fledgling town grow and prosper.  The mark of the Murdock's can be found in numerous places both around Wichita and the state.
     The town of Murdock in Kingman County, Murdock Avenue in Wichita, the town of Marshal (now gone) in Sedgwick County and many other things bear the name of the publisher and family that owned the paper for three generations.
     Since the sale of the paper and subsequent resale's there has been many changes over the years. The change in the newspaper business has been overwhelming for every paper.  It is an instant information age and many names have simple gone away from the list of papers.  The era of corporations owning multiple papers all over the country has delayed the inevitable demise of many but also the local investment in the communities they serve.
      Some newspapers and publications do a better job of serving their readers than others such is the state of doing business.  This never changes.  It was a disappointment when the Eagle pulled back from statewide coverage and distribution several years ago.  This latest pull back from distribution is also a disappointment.
      One thing that is constant is change.  We all hope that the change is for the better and that everything is being done for positive change rather than negative change.  The blessing of youth is that change is not noticeable for a while, until some time passes and they have the reference to look back and decide if what is change is for the better.
     So for now I can be irritated that I will not have my Sunday Eagle but I will have to get along.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


             Mark 8:18

      Where is the outcry and the words from the pulpit?  Where is the outpouring of outrage from a people so complacent that will not recognize or care that Christians are being martyred by groups who have declared a holy war on believers of the cross?
      Since the blood has not been shed on your street yet is that an excuse to ignore what is going on in the world.  Why would you watch the bloodiest programing on the movie and TV screen and not watch the true horrors on the news?  Why would you shield your children from it? 
      Are we so comfortable as a people that we can stand by and ignore what is going on and what is promised to come to our shores?  During the 1920's the economy was going along so well that that few foresaw the crash of 1929.  Even though there were warnings from sincere people the crash of the 2008 devastated the nation and we have not recovered yet.
      So when a people makes it the main tenement of its religion to kill or subjugate those who do not believe we treat them as another 'religion of peace' even though there is not one year of peace in it since 800AD.
      The murdering of men, women, and children does not strike a note.  The fact that women can be summarily killed or maimed if they displease about anyone is overlooked by the women who lament over a glass ceiling.  Girls that are married to older men and the marriage is consummated at 9 years of age is ignored but if someone is caught here with a picture of a girl under 18 they go to prison.  Maybe the radical Muslims have done something that will finally raise the passions of Americans.  They are now killing dogs in a horrific fashion.
     In this society that has to fight to keep a doctor and mother from cutting up a baby up to the moment of birth, killing dogs may finally wake some people up.  Maybe now PETA and Human Society of the United States will turn from how much room a pig needs to the defense of dogs in the Middle East.
      In July the US military will begin and exercise that is for conquering an urban area in seven states.  Maybe a slap in the head will get them to defend our borders.  Somehow I don't see Dallas as a target to take.  Maybe it will take the invasion of the dog pound to get people to care.

Saturday, April 18, 2015


                           BE TO ALLOW THE SUBJECT RACES
             TO POSSESS ARMS."
                                                                          Adolf Hitler 1938

      It never ceases to amaze me at the people who are so against guns that a complete loss of sense occurs.  No matter what the history and no matter what the facts are, there are those who insist on making the decision to force their views on others and summarily violate everything that this country has ever stood for.
      The concern over Kansas passing the unregulated concealed carry bill into law has so much hand wringing and worrying going on.  There are even those who mostly support the Second Amendment that express concern.
      First, what other constitutional amendment do you have to qualify for before it is afforded to you?
      Second, all freedom requires personal responsibility, so that if you violate the terms of the Constitution it's rights can be taken away by a felony conviction.
      Third, if you can deny me my right by your opinions, we then live in a tyrannical state and all rights are void.  Even for you.
      It is a huge mistake to carry a firearm and not be conscious that there is a huge responsibility to do so.  If faced with the possibility that you have to defend your life or the life of another, to do so will change your life forever.  Right or wrong there will be a process to go through that could take your freedom and rights away.  It has to be with serious consideration that you take the defense of yourself seriously.
     There is so much talk about civil rights today that it is forgotten that the most important civil right is to live.  If I am dead at another's hand there is no restoration of my right to live.  No lawyer, judge, court, party, or individual can restore my right to life once it is taken.
     The continual abuse by sue happy people and equally willing lawyers has taken the personal responsibility out of most everything.  Obvious hazards must be marked out for those assumed to be to stupid to avoid danger.  Anything that can be considered as an abuse is the cause of unlimited harm to the psyche from childhood to adult.  Yet those with real problems are loosed on the public and their privacy is sacred until they actually harm someone.
      An active child that challenges a mediocre teacher is forced onto drugs and labeled as, choose your label here.  This lack of skill and patience ruins a life for the convenience of the system who wants to turn out drone citizens.  But when parents try to exercise their personal responsibilities the state and authorities nullify what they do and endanger the very right to raise the child according to their own belief system.
      This great experiment that is the United States will not work without personal responsibility.  If everything is continued to be placed in the hands of others we will soon have lost our own family members, but the entire nation as well.
     I do not worry about the law abiding person that carry's the gun, but the person who has no regard for the law and does not care that they impose their abuse on others.  I fear more those who would defend the outlaw and leave the citizen vulnerable.

Thursday, April 16, 2015


                   VOTING ON WHAT TO HAVE
            FOR DINNER."
                                                                 James Bovard

     If there is one thing that drives me crazy it is all the supposed educated people (and un-educated) that refers to our form of government as a Democracy.  Is the education of the country deteriorated so bad that the fact that we are a REPRESENTATIVE REPUBLIC is ignored. 
      Democracy is at best majority rule, at worst mob rule.  There is no minority rights or defense for different points of view under mob rule.  Our Constitution limits what government can do so the individuals rights are superior to governmental power.  This seems to be a sticking point for those who only allow you to agree with their point of view and cares less if you don't agree.
      The Constitution, which is so simple that it can be carried in your pocket, has been subverted by courts, causes, and special interests to be interpreted in volumes of pages.  Mostly to deny the individual the basic rights that it is supposed to protect.
      From the President down to the township official all take a pledge to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic.  Yet the self crowned emperor flouts his ability to act with a pen and phone.  The Attorney General ignores the liberties of citizens unless they are a part of a particular race or party.  The IRS is allowed to persecute people and organizations that are not on the left political side.  The former Secretary of State defies the law on e-mails and does away with them even when under order from the Congress to turn them over.  Social Security still says it doesn't hold relatives responsible for over payments and then seizes money from tax returns of those.  Then is forced to give it back when it becomes public knowledge.
      It is distressing that when interviewed on the street students and adults ,that supposedly have been educated, cannot answer the simplest question.  Maybe this was comedy at one time now it is an indictment of todays education.  With the approval of Billionaires and Governors, the Common Core has infected the education process with misinformation, omission, and outright lies to indoctrinate the student into being the best burger flippers in the world.  And now they strike for $15 per hour minimum wage.
      The University, where freedom of ideas and expression have become politically correct places of indoctrination, that puts students into debt ridden servitude.  And crushes any deviation of the official line.
       Students fail to find jobs in areas that they have been supposedly educated in.  Yet the cost goes up and up.
      To listen to what many elected to office say, or their inability to articulate an intelligent thought, it is time to end the education as it stands and return to facts not opinion.  Debate rather than hate speech.  Instruction by instructors who actually can impart knowledge and not propaganda.
      The premise that a piece of legislation must be passed before knowing what is in it screams tyranny and to actually believe that is ignorance.  Bills that run into thousands of pages are breeding grounds for tyranny and screams ignorance to those who go along.
     It is time for those running for office to concern themselves with what is right and not convenient or politically correct.  It is time for taking personal responsibility and not allowing causes to dictate how we do everything.  Then tell us it is good for us.

Friday, April 10, 2015


                      OF OTHERS, WILL BE USED TOMORROW
                                        TO RESTRICT YOUR RIGHTS AS WELL."

     As the next campaign gets an early start we have people who act as though they do not have to answer to the people.  We have people setting in prison for violating regulations from un-elected bureaucrats with charges never voted on by the Congress or signed into law other than the 'magic pen and phone'.
     As I have long vented that I have not had the chance to vote on my candidate since Ronald Reagan.  We have a Democrat party that tells the Republican party who the nominee should be and a Republican leadership that goes along with it every time.
     We do not need a dynasty where we have Clintons or Bushes continuously leading this country.  When the grass roots movements try to bring a choice to a hurting country the media immediately starts the hue and cry of keeping Washington under the control of the status quo.
      Now we have a government that records all phone & electronic information.  Veterans that voice opposition to the 'throne' get visited and questioned.  How long until what you or I say will be 'interviewed' about our opposition?
      It used to be that it actually took a threat of violence to get notice of the government.  Now it just takes an opinion or a belief in the Constitution.  If you believe that the safety of the nation depends on knowing who is trying to cross our borders, if you believe that a non citizen has special rights, you are an enemy of the state.
      Watching the obnoxious questioning of the main stream media the question  comes to mind, who crowned them king?  As the government spends money we don't have and borrows from our enemy's, who crowned them king?  As the justice department declines to prosecute violations of the law because it doesn't fit the administrations narrative, who crowned them king?
     Lets do some things to bring sanity back.  Lets treat the candidates on all sides the same.  Lets put term limits on Congress.  Lets let the states run their own business like the Constitution says.  Lets teach the Constitution and history be taught again in schools.  Lets stop printing money and stop sending it to countries that hate us.  Most of all lets stop and ask God to bless America again.

Monday, April 6, 2015



     What passes for news and news givers today is probably not as bad as it was in past times.  However, it is the sheer volume and audacity of todays instant mass media age that makes it worse.  Black journalism has been around as long as reporting.  It has long been recognized that by controlling the message it is easy to win support.
     The major news sources are so lax at reporting true news that it is a stretch to find a story let alone the true story today.  Twisting the news has become an art form.  And even with the excesses of years ago the adversary position that was once thought by the founding fathers as the fourth branch of government to keep the balance is  gone.
     If you lack the facts today it is standard fair to start shouting and accusing the opponent of everything from bigotry to buffoonery.  It is the classic 'don't bother me with the facts, I have my mind made up'.
      Finally an independent review declared the Rolling Stone Magazines article on a gang rape at an eastern university to be beyond honest reporting and editorial control.  NO KIDDING.
     The first thing I ask is who in their right mind takes Rolling Stone as a serious news source in the first place?  Maybe some idiots in Hollywierd or Californigoofia.
     Major news sources bought the story hook line and sinker without their own fact checking.  Only a few conservative organizations added the caveat that there was no immediate evidence.
     So in the mean time a whole fraternity and many individuals have been dragged through the mud and lives affected forever by a trash piece by a trash publication.
     Maybe Rolling Stone and their readership can go back to stories on drugged out musicians and the corporate music industry.  Quit trying to gain acceptance as a hard hitting news organization.  Leave that to the inept that have had years of experience.