Thursday, January 31, 2013


     Don't it irritate you when someone is so convinced that their position is right that they will not argue with the facts?  I don't know how many I know that hate Rush, Neal, Shawn, Glenn, and others and have never listened or watched a full show let alone a statement in full.  All they ever get is the edited sound bites put out by competitors and taken out of context.  Many times it is those that put out something that was originally a joke or in tended ironic humor.
     I used to be one that advocated everyone vote no matter what. As the years and elections roll by I am abhorred by those who vote without even doing a little research.  I am especially bothered by those loaded into buses and taken to precincts to cast votes.
     Take Diane Feinstein whose effort to take away guns is open and admitted.  She made the most ignorant statement on Face The Nation and no one has called her on it.  I quote, "the AR-15 can be equipped with a telescoping stock, this makes the gun a full automatic."  DON'T BOTHER ME WITH THE FACTS!  The stock has nothing to do with the function of a gun.  There is a add on part that the ATF has approved as legal.
     The list of mass murderers in the last 30 years have one thing in common, each was on a drug for depression or was withdrawing from one.  Drugs like, Prozac, Paxil, Lexapro, Celexa, Wellbutrin, Zoloft, and others.  Yet law abiding citizens and their legal guns are blamed.  DON'T BOTHER ME WITH THE FACTS!
     Chicago has the most rigid gun ownership laws in the country and not one gun store.  Chicago has the highest murder rate in the nation.  DON'T BOTHER ME WITH THE FACTS!
     According to the FBI Crime Statistics firearms crime has come from approx. 550 per one hundred thousand in 1995 to approx. 340 per one hundred thousand in 2012.  Almost half.  BUT DON'T BOTHER ME WITH THE FACTS!
     Australia which the anti gun groups are so proud of has had a virtual ban and destruction of lawfully owned fire arms in the last few years.  The firearm crime rate has gone up over 50% and a new category of crime was added to the nations list that never was there before.  HOME INVASION.  BUT DON'T BOTHER ME WITH THE FACTS.
     As I watch TV I see ads for new movies and everyone features gun violence and graphic images and yet the actors collect their money creating this virtual violent world and get up and lobby for gun control in real life.  Yet, they are all protected with security people who are armed.
     99% of Law Enforcement officers are required to carry an off duty firearm because they are on duty all the time not when just clocked in.  One Sheriff Deputy in Texas prevented a mass shooting yet it was not reported in the main stream media.  Many in the anti gun crowd want officers armed only when on duty.  BUT DON'T BOTHER ME WITH THE FACTS.
     The highest per gun ownership per capita in the world has the lowest crime rate.  Switzerland, where ever male between 18 & 64 are members of the military and required to keep their full auto weapons at home with adequate ammunition which is issued.  BUT DON'T BOTHER ME WITH THE FACTS.
     England is always touted as safe because of gun control, yet the per one hundred thousand numbers of violent crime are on the rise.  By the way the united Kingdoms detectives carry firearms and the SAS has been used in many of their countries to take out terrorists and dissident targets. BUT DON'T BOTHER ME WITH THE FACTS!
      If the gang violence was separated out from other types of gun violence our rate would be one of the lowest in the world.  By the way, gangs don't abide by laws.  BUT DON'T BOTHER ME WITH THE FACTS.
     In every state that has instituted lawful concealed carry the shooting statistics have all dropped.  BUT DON'T BOTHER ME WITH THE FACTS!
     Fully automatic weapons have been controlled since 1936.  The amount of taxes, screening, and monitoring for lawful ownership has limited this to owners who can afford the hobby.  Only one legally owned fully automatic gun has been involved in a crime since 1935.  The claim that all these 'assault weapons' are fully automatic is a lie.  BUT DON'T BOTHER ME WITH THE FACTS!
      When a sheriff came out with the advice that the police are not there to protect you and that each person is responsible for their own safety, the media quickly called him irresponsible.  This from their studios with armed guards.  Police take reports, investigate, and prepare cases for presentation to the district attorney.  They do not stand guard outside your residence or business.  BUT DON'T BOTHER ME WITH THE FACTS!
     In every government take over in history including Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin, on and on has one common component.  Disarm the people to avoid opposition.  BUT DON'T BOTHER ME WITH THE FACTS!
     The fact is that the emotion used by those who would destroy our freedoms are using an emotional tragedy to further their ambitions.  Instead of attacking the problem of mass murders with the truth, they are using the bodies of dead children and agonizing families to dismantle our rights.  By the way they are attacking the first amendment also.  BUT DON'T BOTHER ME WITH THE FACTS!
     Look at the map as to where the Mexican Drug Cartels have gang influence and it will surprise you that they are in your area.  BUT DON'T BOTHER ME WITH THE FACTS!
     Mexican Farmers and common citizens are trying to gain the right to bear arms from their government because they are tired of the murders and atrocities that are being perpetuated against the populace all over the country.  I one instance where only two illicit rifles were kept by the farmers were able to thwart an attack by over a dozen cartel members.  The ability to fight back works.  Did you even know about the 40 murdered and beheaded people they found on a bus a while back?  BUT DON'T BOTHER ME WITH THE FACTS!
     Most of the US public did not hear about the Fast and Furious Program which was designed to create a problem that would give the excuse for our government to blame the traffic in weapons to the drug cartels.  Blaming the source as legitimate gun dealers in the US.  When the dealers were turning down and turning in these illegal sales they were told to go along with it.  Now those guns have killed a US Border Patrol agent and many other innocent people.  The main stream media needs to be embarassed that they set on this story for 2 years while Fox was reporting it.  BUT DON'T BOTHER ME WITH THE FACTS!
     As many as a 1/3 to half of all high schools and Jr Highs in larger districts have armed school police resource officers and they have had few incidents.  In the latest incident the shooter stopped and committed suicide when the first armed officer showed up.  BUT DON'T BOTHER ME WITH THE FACTS!
      A history professor teaching in our universities was interviewed on TV saying that he believes we should get rid of the Constitution and remodel it to his way of thinking.  With Video games, TV shows, movies, anti-depressant drugs, fetuses valued as no more than tissue.  We are harvesting the effects of irresponsible politics and a moral core that is rotting. 

Thursday, January 24, 2013


     I love to visit small towns that really get things right.  When dealt a blow they regroup and go on better and stronger than before.  When an opportunity comes by they seize the moment and are better for it.  I had the opportunity, once again, to visit a town like this yesterday.  It is Anthony Kansas.  I will even expand it to Harper Kansas and all of Harper County.
     The growth and vitality of these people are amazing especially in this economic climate and the state of rural America.  To expand on the down side Anthony had a major fire in 2009 that took out most of a block of historic buildings and successful shops.  The race track, Anthony Downs, closed after its 100th year and was torn down.  buildings were starting to become vacant and there was turmoil about what to save and what to demolish.  The county has always had a fierce rivalry between it's towns which sometimes stood in the way of progress.  I call it the Mason Dixon line.
      There have been some great opportunities and this whole area did not set on it's collective backside and ignore it.  There is manufacturing that is expanding and creating jobs.  The oil and gas boom has come to town creating the need for housing, food, and everything else associated with an influx of workers.  The worlds largest single construction wind farm starts north west of Harper and extends clear back to Barber County.  This created 100's of construction jobs and 30 permanent jobs.
     There is a new 45 room Cobblestone Inn hotel in Anthony and another under construction in Harper.  Both 1 million dollar projects with 8 full time jobs.  Anthony has two new housing additions, one middle to upper scale. 
     There are new industrial businesses and three 1 million plus buildings going up on the North side of town.  You will find new churches, and small business in a vibrant downtown district.  Harper is adding housing and business also.
      As we drove into Anthony for a tourism meeting you could feel the attitude of the town.  The representatives who hosted the meeting were energetic and enthusiastic.  It gave you a good feeling to be there.  Attitudes are a great asset and have tendency to be passed on.
      Driving around town there were businesses that many rural towns no longer have and we wondered why they were doing so well.  Then it occurred to us.  There is no Wal Mart.  Fortunately either they have not come into the Wal Mart sights or they have managed to hold them off.  Consultants will tell you that when Wal Mart moves in there are seven home owned businesses that usually shut down.  These were all the businesses we found thriving downtown.  They support families and create jobs.
     The labor needs for the region probably contribute to the fact that the new jobs are higher paying and have benefits as opposed to the part time jobs with no benefits that Wal Mart brings.
      I hope that the prosperity continues and that the Harper County towns stay as examples for the rest of rural America.
     I give the HEE HAW salute to Anthony, Harper, Attica, and all Harper County---SAAALLUTTE!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 21, 2013


      My intent for this week was to talk about a fun experience at a small cafe off the beaten path where I used to sing every Thursday night in a local jam session.  Also to give those weary of political opinions that I give on a regular basis a rest.  But dog gone it the TV is full of inauguration news and I just can not help it.
     The Constitution demands that inauguration is on the 20th of January, which technically they did do.  But to put on a show and use the symbolism of the 21st, millions of dollars (privately raised) are going through the motions.  Maybe I am just a sore loser but to me this is typical of an administration who has done nothing but chaff against the Constitution and wants to free itself of it.
     To me the respect of our heritage is following the instructions to the letter and celebrating this.  However it would have put a crunch on the NFL playoffs broadcast.  We have to keep our priorities straight.
     There is enough dread on the actions of government from the last fifty years to disgust me on symbolism and promises made that were never intended to keep.  When there is a down play of facts and increase of talk and symbols I am wary.
     There is enough agendas by everyone in Washington and those who pull the strings, and provide the money, that I am disillusioned with all of them.  It is time for the states to call a Constitutional convention and those in Washington be reigned in and mandatory reforms be instituted.
     So for those tired of politics, join me being nauseated.  For those who are delighted with the way things are going, have a party.
      I have to agree with several including my religious leaders that what we have left is to pray and hope God will smile on this country again.  Lets hope we won't have to wander in the desert for 40 years this time.

Saturday, January 12, 2013


                                                                         4-H PLEDGE
     The number one fear that people have is to get up in front of other people and speak.  There are a few that are naturals and getting up in front of people is just as natural as falling off a log.  So if you want your kids to have the ability to get up and do whatever in front of the public I suggest that you get them some education.  And I am not talking about the local school.
     There are a few in most schools that actually learn how to function in front of an audience thru debate, or forensics as it is now known.  This is a very limited number. 
     I am talking about more than just the ability to function I am talking about an education that is beyond the classroom.  If we went by the education we gained inside the school room we are woefully under trained.  We learn everyday and many times it is this school of hard knocks that give the most useful tools.
     There is an organization that if you don't have your kids in you are short changing them and the world.  This group is 4-H.  And yes I am a former 4-Her.  I wish I had went completely through the program and taken more advantage of what 4-H offered.  My ability to get on the stage and talk, sing, recite poetry, and make a fool of myself comes directly from my time in 4-H.
     In a world very different from today my parents lived eight miles from each other but did not meet until they went to Rock Springs Ranch 4-H camp.  I have great memories of camp myself.
      My good friend Carl Koster, a farm boy, from Cheney Kansas is in his 35th year of filming NFL football games.  How did Carl get set on the road to professional photographer and work for NFL Films?  4-H Photography project.  During the summers he judges a lot of county fair photography contests.
      I learned how to cook in the boys cooking project.  I discovered I am not adept at electronics.  Traditional skills that used to be taught in most public schools have been dropped so a young person can only get those skills through 4-H.  There is a whole list of projects for every interest so that it is not just the farm kid involved.  There are clubs in inner cities and projects that fit into today's world.
     If you never heard of 4-H before I don't know where you have been but it is in every state and county in the country.  With all the great things that 4-H does it is always first with Extension that is looked at for budget cuts.
     If you are curious about the 4-H programs in your area just open the phone book to the county listings and look for Extension Service.  Here in Kansas it is Kansas State Extension Service.  Wherever you are at Extension is part of the land grant college system.  You have a county agent that can fill you in on the best education you can give your kids.  And if you have a great skill that you can pass on they are always in need of project leaders.  Offer your services.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


     The one question that drives adults crazy is when the kids get to the age when the major thing on their mind is a one word question.  WHY?  You know it drives you crazy.  But stop to think that there is not any word that carries the essence of what we are supposed to be as that one worded question.  If the underlying principle of living is not to ask this question then we are nothing more than a drone in a bee hive.  You work for the common good and die.
     Each of us were once visionaries faced with a world of wonders and curiosity.  It is how we learn as a human by questioning and exploring.  If there was not that deep set conviction there would never have been the urge to see what is over the next hill or across the ocean.  We could be building pyramids or great walls and die in the process so the next drone can step in.
     Let me ask you a question and answer it honestly, are you a visionary?  If the answer is no, when did you lose it?  If not for visionaries there would be none of the comforts and technologies that we take for granted today.  If you have lost the ability to ask the question why, then you must be comfortable letting someone else make the decisions for you in your everyday life.
     WHY is such a powerful thing do you not think it was not instilled in the human race to give purpose and to understand the greatness of the creator?  Those who lack faith I cannot comprehend.  Have we become so entranced by the vision of others that we cannot be curious individually?  When I see people, and not just young people, who cannot take away their attention from a device worthy of marvel I wonder why the intellect is invested in the mind numbing occupation of a device like the I Phone.  Or why the technology that was created by a visionary is not used to further the quest for answering the ever present WHY?
      Do you have a visionary mind set?  Do you see beyond the here and now and have a dream, goal, or vision?  Do you still ask WHY?  Or are you so absorbed by your circumstances or dominated by external things that you lost that visionary capacity with your youth?
     Do you realize that the entire sum of knowledge doubled in the 20th Century from the entire history of man?  Or that that has doubled time and again in the last 30 year?  Someone has vision out there.
     In the end God has given us a wonderful and terrible gift that each of us can fully utilize.  And with the addition of free will each of us are free to choose whether to utilize it for good or evil.  And the worst part is we are free not to utilize it at all.
     Each of us have been given the capacity to further the knowledge of mankind.  It can be utilized in anyway that you choose, although there is a path you are supposed to take.  It all hinges in a simple childlike question like, WHY?

Thursday, January 3, 2013


     This is the first blog of the year 2013.  Everyone seems to go through the ritual of making resolutions during the New Years Eve exercise.  I do not.  I find that most people make the same resolutions and know that they are not going to follow through on them.  I guess it makes for conversation when you run out of things to discuss.
     Since I have never smoked I don't have to bother with that one.  I have made a life out of going up and down the scales and I would rather do anything but not eat, but I will have to fight the battle again.  I do not need to make a resolution on Dec. 31 to know this.
     I know that the Congress in any form will not be working for the good of the nation I have the evidence of this all my life.  In the 1960's when LBJ started to 'borrow' Social Security funds because the fund was swimming in money, I said this was theft.  I was in middle school and knew this.
     I know that the Constitution is the foundation of our government and that the foundation of this is Ten Commandments and British Common Law.  I know that the current thought in Washington and Hollywood is that the Constitution is too restrictive or a "negative" document that cannot grow with the times.  Foundations do not expand or they crumble.  When they crumble you shore them up.
     I do not have to make a resolution to speak out against those who attack the foundation of our country.  It is my right under it.  It is my right under it to exercise my faith, belief in the right to be born, and the right to defend myself from anyone who would take any part of this from me.
     I do not have to totally agree with you, or you with me, in order to be friends or discuss issues.  I do not have to make a resolution to do this.  I have the right to be politically incorrect and will continue to be so.  A little more thought, study, and independent thinking would be a good thing for this country.  So I will ignore the Micheal Moore's, Harry Reid's, Al Gore's, Jane Fonda's of this world.
     The act of making resolutions seems to be more of an exercise in regret for things not done during the past year.  I fail to see anyone who does not do their best last year suddenly having a revelation on New Years Eve and fundamentally changing themselves.  If they do that is good.  I will rather try to look for positive change and recognise all the negatives.
     The one thing that a blogger knows is that there will continue to be enough material to talk about this year so the need for a resolution will not be needed from me.  If you make resolutions I wish you well and hope that the new year will be a good one for you.  I am wishing that 2013 will be good for the United States and the world, though I am not confident about it.