Saturday, February 25, 2012


     You know as we get more and more frustrated with Washington and politicians in general, it seems kind of nice to go to a meeting with one and find a real person.  Our Representative made a town hall visit recently.  He is a first term congressman and is not an attorney, this is a plus in my books.  He came from a farm, which is even better.  He was even shorter than I thought.
     I enjoyed his honesty when the first statement he made was "this country is bankrupt".  Everyone that balances a checkbook and earns a living already knows this.  He quoted our Treasury Secretary as saying, "we don't have to pay off our nations debt".  This from a man who could not pay his own income tax.
     I have never understood the mentality of people who see things going wrong and still stay with the, 'party line,' that everything is great.  This is why it was so refreshing to have a represenative tell it as it is.  And he blames both parties for many of the problems in Washington, which is right!
     It is a fact that the Senate has not passed a budget in over 1000 days, and the only thing being passed by the senate are spending measures, and the buck.  I do not know how the opinions and ideas of the citizens who attended will make a difference, when he goes back to Washington, but we do know that they have been noted and the Congressman and his staff know how we feel here.
     One battle that my congressman faces everyday in Washington is the number of actual rural people there are so small that many members of committees, and the congress as a whole, thinks food comes from the grocery store.  They are also constantly lobbied by organizations who try to regulate, control, and even ban agriculture for reasons only they really know, or will confess.
     Lets hope that other areas of the country will send real level headed people to congress and get rid of the career politician that is destroying our way of life.  Think it is not being destroyed?  Just set down and listen to the information witheld from the people who are supposed to oversee it.
     By the way, my congressman set on a committee hearing where the number five man from China told the Congress that if they did not start changing, and paying out debt, that they are afraid we will default.  The trouble with this was the Chinese Rep. was right.  Think we are wasting resources now?  Wait until all the resources are sent overseas to pay our debts.
    One more piece of good news, the Pipeline that the administration stopped would carry the same amount of oil to us that we purchase from Saudi Arabia each day.  Too bad that Canadian oil will now go to China.
    Lets see now, China enemy, Saudia Arabia enemy, Canada friend.  How does this work out?

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  1. We are currently EXPORTING gasoline, due to decreased demand. Most of the gas that would go through that pipeline would be exported. That's why they want the pipeline to go to a southern port.

    So the American taxpayer (and the rural folks whose land the pipeline goes through) would get to pay for the inevitable spills, but the profit would go to the oil companies and the oil/gasoline would go overseas. This would not be a win for anyone but the oil companies.