Tuesday, October 16, 2012


     Well if you looked at my last blog you were in for as big a surprise as I was.  Somehow I was shut up.  I will call it the LOST BLOG.  Now most who know me understand that I am a techno-idiot.  I have managed to get my views on here for over a year and a half, so what happened to my story of going thru South East Kansas on the way to Branson has just disappeared.
      I will follow up with that information however I need to forge on.  I want to bring your attention to a wonderful event at a fantastic historic theater that has been save and is a viable part of it's community again.
     The event is THE WEST IS WILD AS EVER.  It is a show that you have never seen the likes of before.  It is a composition of the Diamond W Wranglers, Judy Coder, and 3 Trails West.  There is more talent wrapped up in the debut than you have seen for a while.  I am so excited about it that I am leaving the hilltop and going to Emporia on October 28th with a car load of friends to see it.
      Early word about the performance is the individual performances as well as combining all members into an 8 part Harmony that is out of this world.
     All the participants are friends of mine and I am going to sound very biased but if you want to see the best make plans to go to the Granada Theater in Emporia.  You can Google the Diamond W Wranglers and order tickets from their website.  You will not regret it.  It is on a Sunday afternoon at 3pm.
      Now about the theater.  The Granada is another story of a wonderful building that saw it's glory days and then deteriorated until it was almost razed.  A labor of love by the Emporia Community and a lynch pin of the Main Street program there it has been restored to its art deco glory again. 
     The Granada is an example of what individuals and government cooperation can accomplish.  The drive is worth it just for the sound and feel of this venerable old venue.
     I am planning on stopping by Cottonwood Falls on the way up and eat at the Emma Chase Cafe.  We will make it a Kansas Explorer excursion as well as a trip for great entertainment.  The tickets are only $25 so it is not a budget buster. 
      I have a feeling that once the music is turned loose and more people are exposed the WWE will be playing larger and more expensive venues.  Meet me there and be in an a great beginning.

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