Tuesday, February 26, 2013


     As I write this I am snowed in for the second time in a few days.  This is not a regular occurrence.  The last time was seven years ago and it caused the postponement of my birthday party (50).  As I sit and ponder the great moisture that we are getting from it, I am sure that someone has figured a way to blame it on global warming.  This is the largest snow totals in one hundred years.  What do these people smoke?
     I have already heard that this could be the end for the drought, don't take that to the bank.  It is amazing how perceptions can be when we live such a short period of time.  It is also amazing how many scientists jump to theories that they are not trained to make.  Most of the figures have been proven and admitted to be wrong yet the effort to go on and ignore the truth for agendas still has seeming intelligent people carrying the banner of Global Warming.
     Of course the term was changed to 'climate change' and now is being called something else.  Climatologists that speak to the people most directly affected by weather, the farmer and rancher, talk about long term cycles and recognize that there is always changing climates.  There is a reason we pick up sharks teeth in western Kansas.  It was the bottom of an ocean.  There is a reason for the rocks and terrain of NE Kansas, it was under a glacier.
      It was pointed out to me that the last glacier on the lower 48 is about to melt away.  I had to remind them that that is what glaciers do.  In the 1970's the popular belief was we were entering a mini ice age and all the same predictions were made then that are being made now for global warming.
      What about the facts?  There are more trees on the North American Continent now than when Columbus landed.  Trees use CO2 so higher amounts should stimulate tree and plant growth.  Trees and plants manufacture oxygen.
     The most hubris that the global warming crowd has is that man can really make a major difference in the content of the global air, or the ether that is was called in past centuries.  One volcano and many forest fires and many other natural occurring processes put out more than mans presence on this earth.
     So as I am getting ready to go get on the tractor and start digging out I am thankful that our prayers were heard.  I will keep up hoping for more moisture but the pattern may not be broken, and this is not the first drought to occur on the plains.
     And remember the next "expert" that blames the snow on Global Warming probably made the statement sipping Corona at a resort in Mexico.

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