Tuesday, September 3, 2013


                       WRITE IT.           Sir Winston Churchill

     Kansas has always enjoyed a very efficient and active historical society.  The museum in Topeka is a great place to go and learn the history of the state.  But something happened and I don't know what it is.  Have historians given way to bureaucracy or political correctness?  Or has poor judgement taken the place of serious management of the history?
     There is a glaring error that was caused by our KANSAS STATE HISTORICAL SOCIETY and it has my dander up. According to the KANSAS COWBOY Mr. Gary Kraisinger from Halstead showed a 2013 official Kansas Highway map to a gathering of the Kansas Chapter of the Great Western Trail and the International Chisholm Trail Associations joint meeting in Dodge City
     The new Kansas map eliminated the route of the Chisholm and Great Western Trails which has been included in the past.  The Santa Fe Trail was left in place.  Contacting the KDOT PR Manager for the Southwest Region this is the reply to the inquiry "historic sites and trails are placed on the map in consultation with the state historical society and any other appropriate entities".
     In essence the Kansas State Historical Society has decided that only recognized national historic trails should be put on the map and a major part of Kansas History was eliminated.  REALLY!  The major part of the history of Kansas and a foundation of a tourism industry is not deemed sufficient for the Historical Society to place it on our road maps?
     What has happened to the mission of the KANSAS STATE HISTORICAL SOCIETY?  I have had contact with those running the society in the past and found them to be good historians.  Not withstanding the cuts in budget they seem to have done a good job in the past. 
      I am very concerned about what would cause a major shift in the goals of the society.  I am also concerned that Tourism is not a part of the process.  I have had major concerns in years past that the promotion for our state has been directed to our own residents rather than to other states.  But, I thought the focus has been changing and we are inviting the world to visit one of the most interesting, diverse, and yes, scenic states in the country.
     Why did we just go to the largest equine gathering in Europe jointly with Oklahoma to promote our state and history?  We had one of our shining lights JUDY CODER singing and yodeling her heart out to potential tourists over there.  And we cannot keep the cattle trails on our highway map?
     It is time for everyone from the Governors office to the tourism associations to get on the same page and put some common sense back into the presentation of our state.

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