Saturday, March 29, 2014



                                  Roger Ringer

          Five year old kid stopped from saying a prayer in school by teacher who asked for favorite story, boy suspended from school for pointing finger and going 'bang' charged with having a 'class 2 imitation firearm', man who was not cooperating with police has 6 rounds pumped into him (no gun on him), leader of Congress calls all who criticize Obama Care liars, Senator who supports Homeland Security spying is offended when spied on herself.  The list goes on and on.  If you are not politically correct in your thinking or speech you should have no rights.  World War 3 is firing up.  You have to fund abortion even if you believe what your faith tells you.
     It just goes on and on.  What I never would have even considered to be acceptable when I was young is now the norm.  No matter how bizarre and outrageous you have to be 'accepting' or someone will be offended.  Yet I never hear any of those people go out of their way to not offend me.  Funny.
      I write this on my 59th birthday and am overwhelmed at the best wishes piling up on my Facebook.  I realize that there are still people out there who hold the old values as sacred and more agree with me than don't.  Those that don't, and are friends, tolerate my opinion.  In fact the ones who are offended by my opinions and cannot conceive of my opinions generally do not rise to attacking my view points.  There is a difference in discussing and attacking.
     I am more and more being disillusioned at the educational institutions in this country being more worried in mainstreaming thoughts and opinions than encouraging lively discussion and debate.  It is inconceivable to me that many university campuses actual have a designated area for free speech and that penalties can be taken against students that do not register and get permission to use the areas weeks in advance.
     It also amazes me that people can criticize the 'Rich' while eating a $35,000 dollar a plate fundraiser.  That news is made when a startlingly under talented TV star by complaining about how hard she has it raising her kids, and managing her nanny and her nanny's driver.
     It is refreshing to know that there are more incompetent government leaders than ours.  Like you can say the plane is definitely lost in this area, without one piece of wreckage being picked up.  And this is repeated over and over in the news cycle as fact.  Hey guys, let me know when you actually find something!
      Well it is nice to know that everyone in the world is crazy but you and me.  And sometimes I wonder about you.

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