Thursday, April 10, 2014


Marcel Proust

     It is soon time again for the great discovery of the sunflower state.  The last two years it had it's run in Liberal and for the next two years Wamego is going to be host for the KANSAS SAMPLER FESTIVAL. 
     Are you native to Kansas or a newcomer?  Do you know all the interesting things to do in this state.  Well the Sampler Festival is where to find out about it all.  150 Kansas communities, entrepreneurs sell Kansas made products.  Cultural heritage, Kansas entertainers, historic performers, food booths, and the famous Stump for Kansas where you can match wits with Marci Penner on facts about the Sunflower State.
     On May 3rd from 10am - 5pm and Sunday May 4th 10am - 4pm at the Wamego City Park you can take in the springtime finding out what there is to see, do, hear, taste, buy, and learn about Kansas.  Learn about hiking trails, day trips, landmarks, restaurants, off the beaten track eateries, historic sites, architectural gems, hole in the wall performing centers, artists, specialty shops, festivals, bed and breakfasts, and special events.
     I am a big fan of rural Kansas and there is always something I learn about the state.  You do not have to go to expensive locations out of state to have a great time.
     I am also very irritated with the life long Kansans that complain about how boring it is in the state and that there is not anything to do.  Well if you put that I Pad up and get out into the real country you may find what those who come here find.  The most friendly people and interesting places.  Kansas is a sportsman's paradise and we have the visitors to prove it.
      If you are one of those who only drive the Interstate highways then you are passing by some of the most interesting territory and friendly people in the world.
     The committee at Wamego has been working for two years getting ready to welcome you.  As you get there enjoy the Flint Hills and you might pop over to Manhattan and see that great Flint Hills Discovery  Center.
      When you get to the festival grounds make sure you go into the Sampler tent and become a Kansas Explorer and pick yourself up some Explorer merchandise.  Pop by the South Central Kansas booth and say Hi to Cindy and Kay from Medicine Lodge.  Be sure you stop and pickup information about all the bed and breakfasts in Kansas at the KBBA booth.
     When you see Marci Penner and Wendee LaPlant tell them what a great job they did.

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