Thursday, May 1, 2014


Robert Frost

     There are times when you have to just set back and ignore what is going on in the world.  With the incompetent and just plain criminal things going on in Washington, organizations picking and choosing fact from fantasy so they can control lives, Russia returning to its old ways, and any number of ways that you can be driven mad, lets just talk about something joyous.
     Whether it affects you or not, it is nice to have some joyful things in the news.  The canonization of Saint John the XXIII and John Paul II made one billion Catholics around the world very happy.  Of course the news media had to cover it as it was just to big to ignore.  And then they tried to find every negative thing they could to try and act as an authority.  Funny how so many of the media were so passionate and they don't even believe.
  And the more than 160,000 members of the Wichita Catholic Diocese have their new bishop after a year of waiting.   The Wichita event was broadcast nationwide with Bishops and religious coming from all over the nation to participate in the installation.  There were many familiar faces and names there that I have known for many years.
     With all the madness in the world it is nice to set back and watch something happening that is so historical and positive.  If you do not have a interest in the weeks happenings just enjoy that so many have been affected in a positive way.  A little belief in something bigger than you grounds you for all the things that make no sense at all.
     Pope (Saint) John XXIII was the first Pope I was aware of as a kid.  There are many things that can be said about him but for me he made the church something that did not require knowing another language to understand.
     Pope (Saint) John Paul II was the longest running pope in office and not an Italian.  He had a story that appealed to me and was instrumental in the break up of the Soviet Union.  He had been there so long that it was sad to watch him age.  And a shock when he was not there.
     To say the least Pope Francis has been an unexpected successor of Peter.  With a kinder and more common approach it is a delight just to hear his take on many things that have been taken for granted or lost along the way.  He has, and will leave a mark on the church and time will judge whether it is finding the way back to what it has supposed to be.
     Bishop Carl Kemme fulfills the prayers of the faithful in the Wichita Diocese that has been waiting for a year.  A kind and soft spoken leader he comes from rural background and seems to have the experience to take the reins of the church and lead it into the future.
      I know there are some that will not really give a hoot about this and that is sad.  There is enough grief and evil in the world for those who are working for the same goals to have petty differences.  Be glad there is some joy for many because of the coming of Easter and these special events during the Easter Season.

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