Wednesday, August 20, 2014



                               Theodore Roosevelt

     There are so many things that are happening today that you have to stop and sometimes ask 'can you believe this'?  We are so busy reading things on our I pads, computers, and other electronic stuff that I don't even know what it is.  And on the other side of the world a bunch of crazed people living in the 8th Century are killing men, women, and children and blowing up historic sites.  They are threatening to come to America and bring their Jihad with them.
     Just how far apart are the things of reality in this world?  It pushes the edge of sanity to believe that we set here feeding the world and the world wants to come kill us.  Of course the red neck response is that 'it is about time to play cowboys and towel heads.  The Christian response is to turn the cheek. And the presidents response is to negotiate.
      There are a lot of Christians who are so involved with criticizing other Christians that I don't think they realize that there are so many dying for their faith worldwide.  The Pope even says that fighting in Iraq to save the Christian community is justified.
     Can anyone stick their head in the sand any longer and not acknowledge an invasion on our southern borders.  The cameras show us kids and the law enforcement on the ground, that talks even when given gag orders from Washington, are apprehending 18 to 30 year olds from the mid east and other countries all over the world.
     Why is it that when I see pictures of Africa, Asia, and other third world countries on the TV that all I see is starving and hopelessness?  But when I look at travel pictures and photographers pictures of huge houses, mansions, palaces, and tremendous wealth from the same places.
      Why are so much of the online crime coming at us are coming from those same places?  And if I get any more proposals from women totally unsolicited from Ghana, Nigeria, Russia, and other places I am shooting my computer.
      Just when you think it is weird enough there is a group in Oklahoma City that is renting the Civic Center to have a Black Mass.  Yes this is a Mass to worship Satan.  They say they have to let them do it because of the First Amendment.  Then I think I will rent it afterward for a Koran burning and see if the same protections exist.
      I am going to pull the covers over my head and start back to talking about missing Mo's Hamburgers in Beaver because they needed to retire and the three meat BBQ plate I found at a Coffee shop in Towanda named Hebrews.

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