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      In the course of the westward movement a huge obstacle for the settlement and taming of a wild land was the native tribes that had lived on the plains, as well as the entire continent, for hundreds of years.  Moving from peaceful negotiations to actual warfare the young country moved west in a never ending stream.
     The fact that not one treaty that the United States Government ever made with the tribes was ever honored is a fact of history that will be debated forever.  The story of history, be it bad or good, is just that and not subject to revision or changing.  Too many would change the facts to suit the modern sensibilities of the way they would prefer things to be.
      Communities all have a heritage that needs to be remembered and it is the fact that the community of Medicine Lodge Kansas was the site of a peace treaty with five of the plains Indian tribes.  In 1923 the community started a pageant to commemorate the peace treaty that took place in 1867.  It is a piece of the heritage of the community and the commemoration has been taking place at intervals.  This is the year for it's presentation.  Some of the players in the spectacle are 5 generations from the first participants.
      The Pageant is now on a four year rotation.  The task of putting on such an event takes the energy and total commitment of the entire area.  The statistics are impressive.  The numbers of people, vendors, security, fire, EMS, residents and friends who come to assist.
      Twenty eight pieces of rolling stock are owned by the Peace Treaty Association as well as the land where Peace Treaty Park exists.  Due to the good graces of one founder, the Rule family donated the location.  The park is located in the area of the original treaty signing.  This gives the visitor with vision and imagination to experience what it would have looked like at that time.
     Representatives of the original tribes take part in the event and now have their own Pow Wow grounds where they have a yearly event on the circuit that is followed by the tribes in competition.  Their village is open to visitors to meet and experience the Native American culture.
      There is a parade on Friday and Saturday downtown and a show on main street on Saturday night.  As well as the Stockade Museum is open for tours and entertainment.  On Saturday afternoon their is a gathering of authors from 2-4pm to meet, buy their books and have them autographed.  I will also be there to sell my book and CD.  I am hoping to meet my readers there.
      On Friday and Saturday nights is the Kansas State Championship Ranch Rodeo.  Winners of the event travel to the National Championship in Amarillo Texas.  This year the announcer is Western Music artist, and real cowboy, RW Hampton.  Hampton will be entertaining at the rodeo arena and downtown on Saturday night.
      This entire event and all the activities attract visitors from all over the country and overseas visitors.  Here at the Bunkhouse we get calls and e-mails every day for reservations.  It is always disappointing in the fact that we would love to put everyone up here, but we have been full for the last four years.  If you are looking for overnight accommodations I would recommend you check with the Chambers of Commerce here in Medicine Lodge, Pratt, Anthony, and Kiowa for information on lodging opportunities. There are places around Medicine Lodge for camping.  Check for a list of options.
      When you come to visit the activities make sure to have extra time to check out the Gypsum Hills and Barber County.  The Gyp Hills Scenic Byway runs from Medicine Lodge west on US 160 Highway to Coldwater.  Heads up on Dave's Pizza at Coldwater, Buster's Saloon in Sun City, The Bull Pen in Sharon (home of Martina McBride), and a whole host of food and vendors in Medicine Lodge.

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