Monday, September 5, 2016


                                                 Saint Teresa of Avila

     Now when I title this THE END that is to grab your attention.  I want the followers of my blog to become aware that I am making the move over to WORDPRESS and my blog and eventually a website and an e-commerce site will be developed.  This enables me to keep everyone upto date with all that is happening in my life beyond just my comments.
     I have written a book of country and cowboy poetry(COWBOYS, PLOWBOYS, AND COUNTRY FOLK) as well as have cut a CD of my Western Music (SONG OF WYOMING - REVISITED) that I am looking for an easy way to market.  Also there is the Western Music Association-Kansas CD KANSAS COWBOY.  As well as the book I am writing on Kansas History that I hope will be available in a year.  The more I research topics the more jump up.  Right now I have 50 stories in research about little known people, places, things, and happenings in Kansas History that you likely have not heard before, even when it happened in your own community.
      I am also looking at the possibility of publishing the collection of ROGER'S VIEW FROM THE HILLS from its beginning several years ago.  That is if there is any interest.
     Now to follow my postings directly you only have to go to in order to read ROGER'S VIEW FROM THE HILLS.  Now this is a new thing for me and I have had help getting things up and running so far.  I have postings at that site now.
     Up until this year BLOGGER has been a good site for my comments and I am always deeply honored to have you come up on the street or even tell my mom that you follow my columns.  As I always maintain, I am not trying to have everyone agree with me I only want you to think on the topic for yourself.  Thanks for all the support and understanding.
      I also want to express my deep thanks for all the papers that pick up my column and publish it.  Without the support of all of you the effort is just throwing dust in the wind.  I invite you to become a follower of the wordpress site so each posting comes directly to all of you.
     I hope all of you will continue to follow my column and share them with your friends.  Also if you read them in a publication let them know how much you like, or dislike, my views.  It lets them know you are really reading.
      So this in not really the end but a new beginning.  As the old saying goes "see ya in the funny papers", boy I wish I could draw too.


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