Friday, July 29, 2011

Oh the politics!

I recieved a poll from my representative in Washington about the goings on with the current battle over spending.  He is a Tea Party candidate elected to clean up the Washington mess.  I replied in long hand rather than the poll.
    I reminded him that he was sent to stop the ridculous spending of our country into bancruptcy, which is where we are at.  I not only encouraged him to stay the course I went on to say what I think has to be done.
    There should be an immediate 10% cut back on all agencies except Social Security and Medicare.  These programs have been bought and paid for by those who are on them.  The money has been stolen by both parties since the 1960's and it should be paid back with interest.
     All foreign aid should be stopped except for humanitarian needs and any country, that recieves other, has to be a proven friend.
      The financial support for the United Nations will end now.  Only humanitarian causes will be supported and only when the directors of the agencies are not making 6&7 figure salaries, have limos, and drivers.
     The 28th amendment to the constitution passed and the fair tax initiated.  All congress will be subject to term limits.  The founding fathers intended citizen legislators not professional politicians.  Congress will immediatly be stripped of their retirement program, be required to abide by all laws passed, and participate in social security.
    I would love to run for office myself but the system has been perverted for those who have access to funding and backing the common man does not. 
     When one man (George Soros) plans the taking of the government and placing everyone into the administration and effecting state and local office holders we are on borrowed time to keep our republic. 
     It is up to every voting person to throw the socialists out and put God and Citizens back into our system.

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