Tuesday, September 27, 2011


It is a never ending supply of garbage.  Watching TV the politics just goes on.  It is maddening to watch the news media trying to manipulate the politics of this nation to their liking.  It amazes me how admitted left wing commentators,(I can not call them journalists), try to push one Republican after another changing from week to week as if they know what is best for the other party and America.  They had their way the last time, don't you think they would go OOPS!!!
     My opinion is getting to be the rest of America's, throw the whole bunch out lock, stock, and barrel.  There is never going to be any representation of the people by those who have the power to feather their own nests.
     I keep getting e-mails on the 28th Ammendment.  By which the pork barrel lid is nailed on.  All special benefits, retirements, exemptions, and term limits apply.  No special golden parachute for one term crooks who call themselves the guardians of society.  Acording to Snopes this movement is a myth.  WELL IT IS TIME TO MAKE IT REAL.
     Our founding fathers had it right when they wanted no professional politicians.  Our leaders were to be citizen legislators, serve a specified period of time, then go back to their jobs.  It is high time.
     When the 18 year olds were given the right to vote it only took 18 months to ammend the Constitution.  The states are the only ones that can clean the mess up in Washington.  Pass the 28th ammendment in 35 states and ratify and we throw the bums out with the mandate to clean up the mess.
     Until the Progressives changed the law our Senators were elected by the State Legislators.  We need to take back what our founders intended and what our forefathers, sons, and daughters have (and are still) dying for.

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