Thursday, September 22, 2011


I was delighted at the report on the national news about a businessman who is getting tired of the inferior work and materials that his Chinese factory is producing.  Going to inspect the plant, which is in the largest manufacturing area of the country, he pointed out the problems to his Chinese manager.  The response was that the cost of labor was rising at a rapid rate and also the cost of materials.  Kind of a familiar excuse, huh?
    The major attraction to overseas manufacturers is for the most part that you still can get sweatshop conditions and if not slave labor, indentured servants.  Is it the greed of the corpiorations?  That would be the knee jerk reaction that I would expect of the typical liberal reaction.
     Although it is pointed out over and over again that the consumer dictates the market, it is largely ignored.  The number one rule of business is provide what the customer will buy.  Number two is, that to survive, there has to be a return to the stockholder and owners or there is no business at all.
     I am no lover of Wal-Mart but if droves of people were not buying what is there, they would not be in the position they are today.  The consumer has to make a concerted effort to not buy the inferior products from overseas.  I have learned to read labels and make it known that I will not buy cheap foreign goods.  If everyone would do that we would be putting people back to work.
     There is a joker in the deck, the Federal Government.  Besides the rediculous attempts to regulate and control everything in the economy, by the way that is called Facisim, the politicians from the top down believe they can create jobs.  Balderdash!!!!!  The only thing that the government does is kill jobs and seize assets.  If there is any job created by politicians and bureaucrats, it is more government jobs.  This only takes from the private sector.
     Everytime our fearless leader opens his mouth we in Kansas lose jobs.  The Liberal Mob in Washington is waging class warfare in this country for votes.  Our second largest industry is Aircraft and everything that relates to it.  50%  of the worlds aircraft and components are made in Kansas.  When the assualt on the auto industry was undertaken by the president one entire factory, that ribbon cutting was about to take place, in Wichita was canceled.  And entire production line of the most modern business class jet and all the jobs (over 600) went away.
     Even this company, which is no longer local owned, has not learned the lessons themselves.  In a plant in Mexico where the company sent American jobs to, the workmanship was so bad on the wings they produced, that when the FAA was testing the plane a 7 foot section of the wing fell off.  In the 80 some years that this company has been in business I have never heard of a failure like that.
     Back to the company in China.  The owner is moving his equipment back to the USA and is going to employ Americans.  Other companies are considering the same thing.  IT IS ABOUT TIME!!!!
    I was at the State Fair the other day and was delighted at the booths that proudly proclaimed that their products were all American made.  IT IS ABOUT TIME!!!!
    I was delighted when watching a congressional panel when the senator told the agency spokesperson that the American people are tired of the government telling them what light bulb to buy, what toilet to buy, and causing people to use poisonous and dangerous products made in other countries that have no controls or standards.  IT IS ABOUT TIME!!!!!
    I have been trying to start a retail store in our local town and when I ask friends who are in business why an all American Made Store would not be a great draw, they say if you can find the products it would be great.  It is sad that these friends go to the major markets in Las Vegas and have no American made products to choose from.  Well I have been looking and guess what?  There are hundreds of American companies still out there and thousands of products, you just have to look.
     We have become a society that takes no responsibility for anything.  We can have jobs, we can have a good economy, we can put America back on solid footing again.  We simply have to choose to.
     HERE IS HOW YOU CAN DO IT!  Forget the government, read labels and refuse to buy overseas goods.  There are still solid qualilty products that can be bought from overseas but if we shift our buying habits to only buy American and top quality, we can put America back into it's position as that shining light on the hill.  A great man said that once and we were and are.

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