Tuesday, November 8, 2011


At a time when unemployment is at stupid levels, when rural areas are threatened with loss of people, jobs, incentives, and the government is in a turmoil over it, what would you think stupid is?  Close down post offices and lay off the workers! 
     Small towns have enough against them as it is.  There are high numbers of elderly, low numbers of job opportunities, and the cost of traveling is prohibitive in these areas.
     The Postal Department in their rupture of money picks on an area that only constitues .9% of their budget to cut.  Even though there is a congressinal mandate to provide the service.  Senators and Representatives are being bombarded with angry citizens concerns and what do they do to respond?  Well lets see, as I write this on 11-8-11, on 11-9-11 the Coats, Kansas post office closes, and soon it's neighbor Sawyer.  Then of course Isabel and Nashville.  These residents will be forced to have service out of Spivey between 30 & 70 miles away.  Yet there is enough business to keep most of these going. 
      Of course the mis-management of the service is always compensated not where the problems lie but where there is no way to effectivly fight back.  And the job loss continues.  Where is the lip service that the president, congress, and both parties at?  There you go again, STUPID!
      A large company that auctions livestock on line and TV has announced to their customers to send the deposits to them by FED EX or UPS because the Postal Service sometimes takes two weeks to get the deposits to them.  What a state of affairs we have come to.
      WASHINGTON WAKE UP instead of extending un-employment try keeping jobs active, cut rediculous interference with job creation, and keep the mandates that have been set down by congress.  Cutting a little waste would help also but this requires intelligence and initiative.
      I fully expect Webster to add new definitions for the word STUPID soon.  Like USPS, Washington, Buraucrat, Government Intelligence.

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