Saturday, December 3, 2011


I have before stated that I have not gotten to vote for my candidate for President of the United States since Ronald Regan.  My pick long before the political season started was Herman Cain.  The man is the most qualified of the entire Republican field running.  But, as usual, the election is being bought and controlled by unseen forces.
     A man that worked for the fire department I retired from was interested in running for County Commission after he retired.  He had a backer, money promised, and lots of support.  He knew where all the incompetance and, most likly, graft was located in that county.
     A man from the party he belonged to came to him and stated," If you run you should know you are not the one that the party is supporting.  You should visit with your wife and family and make sure that they are ready for what will be thrown at you.  There will be a woman come from nowhere that will accuse you of sexual mis-conduct.  No matter how it happens are you and your wife strong enough to withstand the controversy?"
     Of course he was shocked and decided that he could not expose his wife and children to allegations in the press.  This was only at a county level in a state that has always been strong Republican and very conservative.  Any false accusations would never have too be proven and in politics you cannot sue for libel or slander.
     It will come out eventually that the big money behind the current administration bought and paid for these women to come out against Herman Cain.  And none of this has anything to do with the issues.  We have proven socialists and communists in control of the government and any opposition will be met with inuendo and lies.
     Herman was the first real leader to go after the scandulous tax system that we have and there are too many accountants, tax lawyers, lobbyists, and special interests that cannot afford to have any common sense enter Washington.  Power is all consuming and we are in danger of losing the greatest country that has ever been in history.
     How ironic that Burhma is being tutored by our Secretary of State about creating a free society.  As they have thrown off a totalitarian government and seek to create a republic, the same group advising them are moving us away from the fundamentals of the constitution and the republic, to a socialist state with government intrusian into everyones lives.

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