Thursday, March 29, 2012


     You know that homegrown terrorists are the biggest worry of the government right now.  With all the gadgetry, electronics, and billions spent of security you are not even immune from being located with your cell phone, I pad, or computer.  Terrorists of the conventional kind blow things up and yell praises before blowing themselves up to claim their 75 virgins.
     So say you want to do damage and create havoc but are not ready to blown things up or yourself, what do you do?  Well if you are a USDA inspector who worked at Holcomb Kansas and got moved to Washington
DC by your ungrateful bosses.  And say you were transfered to another department because they don't appriciate your work ethic, attitude, or ineptitude.  And then you are fired from a system that is virtually impossible to be fired from.
     You then get yourself a website and call yourself an anarchist and 'blow the whistle' by creating the term PINK SLIME.  Well then you have a myriad of animal rightists, vegans, eco terrorist groups, and the mainstream news media and you have yourself a bomb that no one can prosecute you for.
     You now have over 650 people out of work, corporations like McDonalds who bow and scrape to these groups pulling their business.  School kids who waste 50% of the food given to them now throw away 75%.  And you have coined a term that is so heinous that it will not go away even with the best defense and explanation.
      Congratulations you are now a terrorist.  Maybe Spike Lee will Twitter your address and someone will put a bounty on your head.  But I doubt that.
You will go down as the most effective disgruntled employee in history. 
     Something your grandkids will be proud of.  Hope they like Brussel Sprouts.

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