Monday, March 5, 2012


Change is always resisted and sometimes that is good.  But many have figured out that if you wait long enough and, so one seemingly small step at a time, at the end you find a major change.  This has been a long standing policy for a lot of people and organizations.  There is also a principle that Adolph Hitler used called the Big Lie. 
     So the Big Lie is you keep telling the most outrageous lie over and over.  It soon becomes believed.  It is kind of like politicians telling us that spending more money we don't have will save the economy.
     So if you have strong Christian values and beliefs how does these beliefs get changed?  Depends how you really are affected by them.  If there were not factors that make people change beliefs and ideas there would not be so many denominations of Christianity or differing systems of religion.
     The factors that change attitudes and beliefs are so varied that I cannot address them.  I am sure that even if you tried all cannot be addressed.  So I will just take one of them.
     With the advent of a mandate by the US Government to religious organizations to go against basic beliefs and violate the First Amendment to the US Constitution.  How did we get here?  As a historian it goes back to the turn of the Twentieth Century.  Changeing attitudes and standards fundamentaly changed peoples lives.  Thru good reforms, like the Womens Right to Vote, subtle things started changing.
     Fast forward to Roe Vs. Wade.  Previous to this Supreme Court decision there were no legitimate abortions.  A baby was considered a baby while in the womb.  Although there were doctors and other practitioners that would provide the abortion some were as horrible for the woman as the baby it killed.
     With the sexual revolution of the sixties there was an increase in abortions after Roe Vs. Wade because of the increased activity pre Aids and Pre media relaxing content of shows and music.
     As the public and the media bought into the mentality of the right to terminate a pregnancy the next step came.  Partial birth abortion.  Deliver a baby far enough to expose the head and open it with an instrument and suck the brain out thus 'terminating' the pregnancy.  This went to Congressional hearings and finally the abortion lobby admitted that this procedure was not a necesary thing.  Even after admitting the lie there was no uproar in the media or congress.  The only question was from the people who are abhored at the process.  In todays world they don't count.
     The latest step comes from 'Medical Ethicists' in Austrailia.  The Monash University in Melbourne and the Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics at the University of Melbourne have concluded that there are circumstances occuring after birth that would justify an abortion, (post Birth).  In ordinary terms this is called infanticide or murder.  They do prefer the term 'after birth abortion'. 
     Euthenasia and infanticide have been a non viable option under our law and constitution.  This will last for a while until the steps are eased into such as the panels that will administer the new health care laws.  Treatments of many things will not be allowed after a certain age under the new plan.
     As the Humanists of the world ponder the curbing of worldwide population growth a little step will be taken here and there. 
     The media and many other groups have fought hard to delete the 2nd amendment.  Now the First Amendment is being breached.  The people who support this must realize that when one part goes and the entire thing is considred a "Negative" document, the next thing that will go is their (and our) right to free speech, the press, and more.
     The law is already on the books now, under the Homeland Security Act, that if the Administration deems and declares a national emergency the right of Habeus Corpus is suspended.  For those who were not taught what this means, the government has the right to arrest, hold in an undisclosed location, and question you without counsel, and all normal rights are suspended.
     One step to another.  One step that seems to have nothing to do with the other and yet where will we end up?  It is interesting that the school children and teachers that were in a school building in the tornado ravaged area last week, were praying as the building was hit.  Good thing there was no ACLU there to try and stop it.  They all survived.  Funny when there was no danger prayer is outlawed there.
      It reminds me of a story:  A dog followed it's young master all the way to school and went into the building and room.  He was thrown out and as he set outside sad and rejected Jesus set down beside him.  Patting the dog on the head Jesus said "don't feel bad little fella, they won't allow me in there either".

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