Tuesday, July 17, 2012


          In the next few days we will see who is really taking seriously the pledge that is in every swearing in ceramony from Federal to Local.  TO SUPPORT AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES.  It will have as much to do with party politics as the integrity of the constitution.  If those who serve go along with the treaty that is about to be signed they should all be prosecuted and removed from office.
      In the next few days Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will go to the UN and sign the ARMS TRADE TREATY.  There will be a lot of smoke and mirrors as to the international intent of the treaty, but the track record of the UN will use this as the chance to overturn our constitution. 
     Those who support the Second Amendment are well aware of this process.  President Bush refused to sign this treaty because it gives an international body jurisdiction and robs the constitution of its effect.  If you are still one of the many who refuse to look at facts you have seen the first steps to overturn the First Amendment in the health care bill.  Seems amazing to me that the very people who have the most to lose, the news media, are the largest proponents.
      When the International Treaty is signed and ratified the right that we have under the Constitution is supplanted by the terms of the treaty.  Those who so badly want to gain every right under the constitution are in fact setting themselves up to be denied the rights they so dearly want and expect.
     We have ourselves to blame we teach our childern in Public School a distorted version of history, government, and every other politically correct concept.  When honest discussion of everything from religion to ethics and historical fact are controlled by the courts and small activist groups we have citizens that fall for the popular line.
     There has been a segment on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno that has disturbed me for years.  'Jay Walking' is where Mr. Leno just talks to young people on the street and asks questions that are so basic, that there should be no one that does not know the answers.  The result is a display of ignorance that is rooted not only in the popular culture but from the schools themselves.  Ignorance is not funny.  It threatens our very Republic.
     Now this is going to raise the ire of the teachers that read this.  Those that follow the accepted texts and not make any attempt at telling the truth have nothing to be mad about.  Those who are not allowed to teach should be mad but not at me.  At a system and administrations that knukle under to union pressure and political correctness.
      I know many teachers and had many great ones.  I would not be doing today what I do without that inspiration and foundation.  So when the UN supplants our Constitution how will it be justified by our officials and how will the schools teach the fundamentals of freedom to our children?
     Will you hold officials elected and unelected to a higher standard?  Will you cower when Big Brother tells you to open your house without warrant to sieze your guns or you bibles. 
     Think is extreme?  Check with 1930's Italy, Germany, 1919 Russia, Venzuala, Cuba, and every other country that Hope and Change really happened.
     So it is time to Fish or Cut bait.  Will we live to see indiviual liberties destroyed, or will we stand up and hold accountable any and all who seek to destroy our Constitution?

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