Thursday, July 12, 2012


     You know that there is an awful lot in this world that would make things better if you took the time to 'think and question'.  We are all involved in many things and group think and loyalty is often demanded if you want to stay in the group.  It can be as informal as drinking coffee with the local liars club or as formal as the church you attend.
     God gave us a gift that is full of peril and many times I refer to it as a curse, but it is free will.  You have the ability to choose how you do the things in your life that you do.  But, you have to be responsible for those choices.
     There is nothing wrong with questioning the motive, content, or effect of anything.  Even if it makes others uncomfortable.  It is said that the human brain has only 10% of its potential used.  This is including all your functions and higher reasoning and learning capacity.  I feel sorry for groups that try to stop the hunt for knoledge and futhering the hunt for the mysteries of the universe.
     It is amazing at how much talent that has been given individuals and how little is used.  The groups who sit back and say "let God take control" often don't realize he gave us the capacity to explore the wonders of his creation.  By holding back the ability to question is stopping the will of what we are suppose to do in life.
     You do not have to find the cure for cancer, but someone is.  You may not be the next great artist but someone is.  There is a path that each must follow and the choices along the way determine if you use the talent or waste it.
     I am both amazed and dismayed by the world of information that todays technology has made available to us.  It both can create new paths for us or can cause pain and destruction.  It is too bad that there is not a reality check button like the spell check button on the computer.  This new world has allowed me to communicate on a regular basis with people I know and have never met.  When I started writing I was always dependent on wether an editorial board, publisher, or editor thought what I was doing was worth while.
      I can now put my two cents in and it is seen by any who care to take the time to read it.  It is great that now when I get a rejection notice I am not tempted to hang it on the wall and wonder 'what in the world do they want'?  I can simply delete it and start all over.  The compliments have out run the rejections by 99%.  Too bad that was not true when I was free lancing and trying to actually make something.  The actual income has not change but the satisfaction has.
     I cannot accept the standard "this is the way things are done" or "it has become tradition", or" this was decided too long ago to question".  You should not either. 
      If you do not think and question you are 'managed' by some interest group even if you do not know it.  If you would adapt the rules of writing to life I am sure things would change for the better.
      Oh yea, the rules, WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, AND WHY.

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