Thursday, August 23, 2012


     You know I complain about the mainstream media all the time.  What they think I care about and what I should care about is just out of control.  I would love politics that dealt in truth, FROM BOTH SIDES!  I don't care if Prince Harry ran around HIS HOTEL ROOM NAKED.  I don't want to see pictures and reports on what the Queen is going to do, or how the British press reports it.
     I am suspect of a report that was held for a full year before saying that a congressman skinny dipped in the Sea of Galilee.  People have been skinny dipping for years, I don't care!  There is no Democrat running against him for re-election but they promise to put up a candidate in two more years.  I DON'T CARE!
     I think that the evening news reporting, on their own networks, shows as if it is hard hitting news.  Huntley - Brinkley must be turning in their graves.  Look, Survivor, Dancing With the Stars, America's got talent, Big Brother, is not worth wasting my time.  I don't watch them and those who have no life already know what is going on.  I DON'T CARE.
     I care about the fires burning up the west.  I care about why the government will not allow the biggest and latest technology to be deployed and then lie to us about doing everything they can.  And the houses still burn and firefighters still die.
     I care about vicious killers gunning down innocent people and then the equally crazy media starts pushing gun control.  Yet you cannot put mentally ill people into institutions.  And the vast majority of citizens who exercise their Constitutional rights are labeled as the enemy.
     I care that two girls just enjoying an evening before going back to school are buried by a coal derailment.  I care that those who don't put up a dime to help the social ills accuse the churches and religious organizations, who do, as not doing enough.
     The good stories get saved til last as if one feel good story will make all the vitriol go away.  If you are aware of history we are seeing it repeat it's self.  Seems we never learn, or those that do cannot stop those who would rather have agenda's.

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