Wednesday, August 15, 2012


     I have very little respect for the mainstream news media because journalism has descended to the same level as politics and there they have joined to tell us how stupid we are and how smart they are.
      Watching the Olympics it was as much about the coverage and the cutesy stories, rather than the scope of the entire games.  I am thrilled that our athletes did so well and are proud they represented our country.  There were very dramatic moments and great triumphs and let downs.  Every athlete there was a cut above.  Whether they came away with medals or took their defeats with grace and composure.
      The coverage by the main networks detracted from the spirit of the competition by ignoring the sports and athletes that were in politically incorrect sports.  There was lots of coverage of the swimming and gymnastics, then the track and field.
       Every once in a while in the medal count it was mentioned that "we won a medal in shooting today".  OK, which shooting?  We have athletes in trap, skeet, pistol, rim fire, center fire, and air.  Men's and women's.
      It gets especially irritating when a great event is critiqued by the commentators for 1/10th point flaws.  Then they cannot make even an attempt to honor outstanding performances by our shooters. 
      I saw no wrestling, boxing, marshal arts, in any length if at all.  We can get coverage of badminton, wow!  Where were the human interest stories of these other athletes?  I could not, and would not, spend all my time trying to watch everything scattered out on 4 networks.  I do have a life.  But the hostility towards the events and athletes that did just as good a job competing as the others is bad journalism.
     Journalism used to be taught as an even handed presentation of the facts and about well reported stories.  Not political agendas.  Of course that was taught not really practiced.
      Maybe the editorial/news staff and corporate management should get out of the sports department's way and let them bring the Olympics to a proud nation.

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