Monday, November 12, 2012


      After the elections I want to get back to more positive notes and yet I see things coming that I do not like.  I am taking this time, though, to talk about positive thinking.
      We have a new little store in the town of Sawyer, KS near where I live.  There was a cafe there for years Called the Ranchers Cafe (of course).  The owners wanted to slow down and they had another cafe in another town so they closed down Ranchers and it has been for sale for a couple years now.  I really missed the cafe and a place to drink coffee with the local ranchers, my neighbors, and keep up on things.
      Well a local German Baptist family purchased the building and the process of cleaning and making it suit there needs took a long time.  We all speculated as to what and when they would open.  And when we heard just what it would be there were sceptics.  It is called FAMILY FOOD SHOP.
      We are delighted.  No it is not the cafe anymore and it is open 3 days a week. Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.  It is a deli (great sandwiches on homemade bread), bakery(it is to die for), bulk foods(you can buy Hudson Cream flour here. there is no better), Grocery(rolls of butter, milk, jams, and jar goods), and homemade products.
      I think we are in at least everyday.  They know us by first name now. It is not what we were expecting.  During the times we live small business is very difficult to start and be successful.  It is so refreshing to see positive attitudes and the willingness to take a chance on a dream.  As long as I am not on my diet they will be successful.
     Greg & Ruby Wolf are the owners and they are assisted by their kids Laurel, Chloe, Savannah, Sophie, and Elliot.  All decked out in matching aprons with their names embroidered.  The kids are bright and friendly and it is refreshing to have young people that know how to actually count change.  The kids are home schooled and are learning more that many kids I am familiar with in schools.
     As I am heading to Albuquerque NM for the Western Music Association showcase and awards show, I will have a new shot of positive emotions that I need real bad right now.
     I was in the Family Food Shop two days after the elections and Greg commented at my muted mood that "the sun came up the next morning didn't it"?  I love positive people!  Hope you stop by sometime (the cinnamon rolls and fresh baked bread are to die for).

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