Tuesday, November 27, 2012


      Something that gets a lot of lip service and a lot of hand wringing but not much actual action is bullying.  It is not only at the school level but pervades all the way up though our culture to the halls of government.
      With all the attention in the schools that bullying is supposed to be addressed I still find it happening and school officials turning a blind eye to it.  I have a friend whose kids have medical issues and yet even teachers who have been briefed on the conditions fail to do much to address the bullying that they experience.
      The act of bullying takes many forms and some are not really recognized by the participants that it really is bullying.  Seems most churches have those members whose jurisdiction over self perceived power bully other members and are tolerated.
       It has been ingrained into our culture that bullying is acceptable by government agencies, service providers, and outside interest groups.  Most of which have no business forcing their views or authority in the manner they do.
       Americans have long been tolerant of the diversity that makes our country so great.  We have had our difficulties but things have gotten better over the years.  But because of our tolerance it has now become acceptable to bully others to crusade for points of view that are not that of the majority.
      There is an organization in Wisconsin that has made it their business to remove any reference to God or religion in an way that it can.  This group tried to stop a Christmas display from being place on a courthouse lawn a few years ago.  The reaction from the people was "what business is it of a group from Wisconsin what we do?"  The group took them to court and held in the peoples favor and told the group to mind their own business.
      Dateline BUHLER KANSAS.  Since 1988 the city seal of Buhler has had a cross as part of the emblem.  Buhler is a largely Mennonite community.  The emblems relate to the heritage of the town and has gone unchallenged in all these year.  Yet, there is one person in town name unknown right now, that has complained to this Wisconsin group.  So a letter comes to the mayor that they will file suit if the cross is not removed.
      Most people will have the same reaction I have.  Who do these people think they are?  Well after that question the council and mayor sought out legal opinion and said they would not win.  So being good stewards of taxpayer money they are knuckling under to the bullying tactics of this group.  Most are outraged, so am I.
      We have had vocal minorities driving policy and procedure in this country for so long now that that they are drunk with the power they perceive.  So the whole community is putting up with bullying.
      We have a long tradition of standing for what is right.  When you lose the will to stand up and fight we have lost everything this country stands for.  We are not losing this country by a Communist President, (this according to Pravda, the paper in Moscow), but by the local issues that are rotting the core.  We would not have the national problems without the culture rotting from the ground up.
      So we ignore bullying in the schools, in church, in the workplace, in politics, and even in our town halls.  Without the gumption to stand up for what we believe in we are lost.  Everybody ready to line up in the Kool Aid line?  It is time we stand and stop this nonsense.
      BUHLER you have my support and I am sure the whole states support to fight for what is right.

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