Friday, December 14, 2012


                                                                    Jesus Christ

     Normally I will wait a couple of days when thinking on a subject before writing about it.  I can not wait this time.  If your heart is not breaking for the victims of the senseless shootings in Newtown then you have not a heart.  There is not the words that can bring back or help the families of the senseless tragedies.
     There is always evil in the world and it is easy to say we have to do something to stop this.  Evil has to be opposed by good people but the remedies offered by many just inflame and create more such situations.
     It is normal to be angry at the selfish person who caused this.  You have to be super human to be forgiving right now.  There will be many who will seek to understand and seek what justification the man had.  I don't want to understand it.  There is no understanding this aberration.  Thank goodness it is not my place to forgive for I could not.
     What I do understand is that there are many that will come forward to use this tragedy to further other goals.  As it was said by one advisor "don't let a good disaster go to waste".  We will be bombarded by one side and another about "doing something".
     We have deep divisions in this country and this will make them deeper.  Old cliches will be dredged up and much argument.  I have deep feelings on the subject but right now I want, and you should too, grieve.
     Facts are not complete at this time and it is amazing how so many know what went on and what we should do.  Bad things happen to good people.  There is not much good that can come out of this accept that people start returning to the values that are not allowed in the school anymore.  Tonight the churches in Newtown are full.  Prayers are everywhere for the victims and the families.  I am sure there was prayer in that school today no matter what the ACLU wants.
     This will happen again.  The only thing that needs to be done more than ever is pray.

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