Sunday, December 2, 2012


"we do not go into ceremony to talk about God.
we go into ceremony to talk to God"
          Chief Quanah Parker
TRUTH.  "What is truth?" Pontious Pilot.
     After years of wondering what passes for truth in our government and the vicious political campaigns that have divide our country into seething factions, how do you establish truth?
     We could start by forgetting the talking points and the spin of the network news shows and open our eyes and call truth for what it is.  The United States is bankrupt.  Every legitimate accounting, economic, and logical person in this country has to admit that there is no way to pay off the national debt and run the country by being 16 trillion dollars in debt.  And there is no end in sight.
     We are about to go over the so called 'cliff'.  The last one that wants it to be stopped is the administration.  In the war on the classes that has been waged for the last 20 years, truth has been the casualty.  When the do nothing congress does just that, and the president acts on his impression of a mandate, it will cost all of us dearly.
     Will all suffer monetarily.  Most experts think so.  Many don't have a clue how it will impact them.  Those not paying taxes are delighted that those 'rich folks' are going to get it stuck to.  Yet the cost of everything will hurt them the most.  The cost of everything will go up and yet they do not care because 'them rich folks are getting it good'.
     Many of these folks who are so in love with hating the rich profess to be good Christian people.  Some do not.  For those who judge that those rich folks are evil there will come a time when what they profess to believe will be thrown in their faces.
      There are many phrases from scripture that are easily forgotten when envy drives a person.  Phrases like, 'do not judge lest ye be judged', or 'to whom much is given much is required'.
     Like it or not our entire society in the United States is based on two things.  Judeo-Christian values and British Common Law.  With all the vehement protest and legal battles the underlying principles are still there.
     So the principles (commandments) that are so dear too many, thou shalt not steal, murder, ect. are fine but thou shalt not covet thy neighbors goods is not?  Hating someone for being rich, or having things you desire (or would deny anyone) is coveting.
     If the government would take everything that everyone has and continue on its path the truth is we are still bankrupt.  Financially and morally.
     Who will stand and say the Emperor is not wearing clothes?  No one in Washington. 

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