Saturday, March 9, 2013


     The day we have been waiting for down here in the hills has arrived and what a great thing to sleep by rain bouncing off the roof.  With the two snow storms giving 2 inches of moisture and around 1.75 to two inches today, we are looking at a reprieve from the drought that has plagued us.
     The Gypsum Hills are a normally draughty type of country.  It is a pure pleasure to see sloppy roads and standing water.  Not a lot of that standing because the ground is sucking like a sponge.  What little run off the ponds need real bad.  We are not going to go skipping away saying it is over, we are just getting a little relief.
     The wheat is already greening, what is left anyway.  We have had terrible damage from not only the drought but a massive amount of snow geese that stripped a lot of fields.  Snow geese are not supposed to be here, but their population is exploding and they are ruining their Arctic nesting grounds and shifting into areas they never have been before.
     The weather also brings a fresh attitude and I have been so irritated at the idiots in Washington it is nice to just ignore them for a week.  This will tickle my liberal friends.
     This time of year I am not terribly fond of.  I am ready for spring and getting out and doing things.  I am sure many of you are the same way.  I know the cow calf people are working their tails off and I am sure they are looking forward to green grass again.
     Many people don't realize what they miss by staying in the rat race.  There is not a day that I don't say to mom, after seeing something like deer, coyotes, road runners, and such out the window everyday, we are so lucky to see daily what 95% of the world only sees on TV.
     So my view from the hill today is one of gratitude.  Hope you all count your blessings.

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