Thursday, May 30, 2013


George S. Patton
     There was a ribbon cutting today that I am not celebrating.  I think that it will soon become the most hated piece of real estate in the country.  However government officials are wildly happy about it since you did pay for it.  Or that is we paid for it with Chinese money we borrowed.
     It is the biggest building in history under one roof and it is located in Utah.  The building belongs to Homeland Security and it is going to be the repository of every e-mail and phone conversation in the country.  Isn't this the stuff of fiction?  Technology is so far advanced that foreign agents hack into our Dept. of Defense computers but Homeland security has the technological might to record everything you say or communicate?
     Of course this is for your own protection.  Why bother a judge to see what you are up to?  And don't bother trying to mind your own business not only can they read your license plate from the satellite from space, for a fee you can spy on your neighbors yourself with Google Earth.  And don't forget the drones.  All livestock producers can count on being photoed to make sure they are not polluting everything downstream.
     I am sure there are many on the ultra left that are toasting the targeting of others by various government agencies for harassment.  But they had a comeuppance when the AP was targeted.  You know all this can come back to haunt them.  When things go to the control of a few anyone can become a target.
     Now saying this has made me a target.  And you may dismiss this as a paranoid conspiracy theorist.  Ten years ago I would have agreed with you.  Yet we have a people who are so out of touch or so angry by there own beliefs that it enables those who would bust down your doors given an excuse.
     I have a poor memory but when did the Homeland security agency who's intent was to be a clearing house for intelligence and aid for disasters, start to be a national police force?  Why are police officers from homeland security responding to peaceful Tea Party demonstrations and not places where violence is the norm?  Who is this new police force that has bought one billion rounds of ammunition and the weapons that go with it?  And where did the hundreds of armoured vehicles come from?  There is not enough local, state, and federal officers to do the job?  Why are these officers not on the border?
     I still have memory enough to remember a candidate say HOPE AND CHANGE.  What change he promised he is giving.  I hope people wake up before lining up for the cool aid.  Can't wait for the movie to come out, oh wait it already has many times.  And there is the book BIG BROTHER.
     Is this what millions of people who gave us this country died for?

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