Saturday, May 4, 2013


                                          (paraphrased) PATRICK HENRY

     It is a mystery to me how so many would destroy the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution for the reason of passion or bias towards those who exercise their rights.  The same people consider their 1st Amendment sacred to the point of denying others the same right.  In the heat of passion after a terrible incident like Sandy Hook the great call was "do something now" when actually changing what is wrong goes undone.
     What makes others want to make law abiding citizens into instant outlaws?  Are not the prisons overflowing as it is?  We have become a society of laws and not justice.  Small vocal groups dictate what we say, think, and eat.  Yet the freedom of choice on how you live your life is still a gift given from God.  You do not answer to me or Mayor Bloomberg, President O, Homeland Security, or anyone else.  You eventually answer to the creator that gave you the right to say yes or no.
     I am tired of being continually attacked by those who demand that I accept homo-sexuality, alternative lifestyles, and other things that affront God.  I do not want to be constantly insulted by those who want anything they do accepted by me and if I don't I am racist.  I don't know why I have to approve of what they do.  Those who do not agree with me are many and I have no special position.
     We cannot call illegal immigrants what they are anymore.  The designation Muslim Terrorist has been removed from the Homeland Security training manual and no one in the government can call them this.  Labeling of Homeland Security of Veterans, Christians, and 2nd Amendment supporters as terrorists is worse than ignorant it is criminal.
     The changing by the government on how you report unemployment is a slap at the intellignce of the people.  A 7.4 unemployment rate that is actually around 16 to 18 percent is really believing we are dumb enough to think this is OK is stupid.  Because your unemployment is finished and you are not working does not mean your are not unemployed.
      Labeling the Tea Party as a hate group when the marches were peaceful, without incident, no arrests, and even picked up their trash is criminal.  Turning around and calling the 99 movement when they trashed everywhere they were at, had multiple rapes and criminal activity, and had to be forced out by police, a peaceful movement is ignorant.
     If you cannot discuss facts and solutions and resort to name calling, lies and hate, you are not part of the solution you are the problem.  I can at least credit Mayor Bloomberg for being open enough to admit that they would take down the constitution and replace it with something else.
     To get to my original point.  Whether you like me owning a gun, or have the ability to say what I believe, to take down one ammendment of the Constitution destroys the entire document.  If you delight seeing your neighbors door kicked in, how will you like it if a statement is made against you and it is your door being kicked in?  Don't think it has not been done.  Ask the family who had the baby taken from the mothers arms in California or others who have been raided for no valid reason.  If it happens to you I am sure you will be the first to start calling for your lawyer and wanting your rights.  I hope that the answer won't be that "oh that don't exist anymore, this is for your own good".

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