Sunday, July 21, 2013


                       IF WE EVER LOSE FREEDOM HERE, THERE IS NO
                               PLACE TO ESCAPE TO.  THIS IS THE LAST
                                     STAND ON THE EARTH.
                                                                    Ronald Regan

     OK, I may be a little slow but what is wrong with this picture?  We are about to make legal over 11 million people who are here illegally but we are about to force a family to be sent back to Germany who are here as asylum seekers.  This family has been here and have a small self sufficient farm and home school their kids.  They are here because Germany has deemed homeschooling a threat to the government and are set to take the kids away soon as they set foot on German soil.
      The US Government is sending them back because they don't like home schooling either.  HOLD IT, home schooling is legal here.  In my state the top percentile of students taking the ACT test are home schooled.  So what gives?
      Another government scandal is pushing the Common Core Curriculum onto our schools.  Even though teachers and administrators in many places recognize that Common Core is, in reality, brain washing of kids to follow the government line.  No free thinking allowed.  And of course there is no free thinking if the information is faulty.
     Why have you not heard from you schools about common core?  They are prohibited from telling you.  Teachers are under threat of being fired in many places.  The core of the curriculum is that the state is better for you kid than you are.  In fact the huge data mining that is a part of it will reveal if you are a member of a political party, own a gun, belong to certain organizations and a hundred other things that are none of their business.
      There are some states who have recognised the inferior education that will result by the Common Core programs.  Indiana has thrown it out.  Texas is in the battle.  Many states are not even aware of the content of the program.  It remains to be seen how many teachers will speak up and risk their jobs to state that this is a horrible intrusion of  socialists in the raising of the children.
      Will this German family be deported?  More than likely.  Will we make instant citizens of people who are breaking the law?  Probably.  Will the silent preachers stay quiet worrying about their tax status?  More than likely.
     Will you do anything about it?  It is your move now.

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