Thursday, July 18, 2013


Native Wisdom
     My friends Barry and Victoria Ward sent me a You Tube story on my e-mail this week and it is a profound story of one man and one companies efforts to recognise those who win our freedom and maintain it.
     It is especially hard hitting when riots are breaking out all over using a case as an excuse to destroy and foster racism.  The perfect example of Democracy over the Republic.  The term Democracy is so loosely used and misused that people have no idea what it really is.  We can see what mob rule is and what it wants and this is what a democracy is.  The Republic and the system of government that we have is a representative republic.  It is based on check and balances that allows those in the minority to not be oppressed by a majority.
     The problem is that when every branch of government is rendered ineffective we will no longer have a country.  Racism is now fostered by those who have the most to lose by it.
     It takes someone like the owner and the employees of Illinois Cellular to do things that bring common sense back into things.  Since the country is busy with all the problems and our service people are bearing the brunt of our policies, it is this group that creates a memorial to those who have sacrificed their lives in the gulf regions wars.
      I never heard of Marcyles Illinois before this time.  On the banks of the Illinois River in front of company headquarters is a memorial similar to the Vietnam Memorial for our Gulf soldiers.  Not only a memorial but they have set aside room in the offices of the company for a museum of and about the fallen.  They make sure memorial gifts do not end up in the trash or river.  And, yes, some people come by and throw these things into the river.
     In light of all the harping going on in the news take time to look at the video YOU TUBE/ freedom isn't free.  Then redouble your resolve that these lives were not wasted by an ungrateful government.

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