Friday, August 30, 2013


                               DESPERATE GOVERNMENTS WILL DO
                                        DESPERATE THINGS.

     There are watershed moments in everybodys life when you remember just where you were at and what you were doing when the event occurred.  Those who remember the announcement that Pearl Harbor was attacked, the day Kennedy was shot, the planes plunging into the Twin Towers.
     Much to the dismay of most of the American people I am afraid that we will have another of these very soon.  Do we learn nothing from history?  I do not want to be able to say I remembered the moment they announced the beginning of World War Three.
      It is not any secret that I am not a fan of our president and the policies that are dragging down a once shinning light to the world.  More and more even his supporters are realizing that the Change he was elected on is not the way our founding fathers envisioned.  They went to great lengths to keep what is happening today from taking place.
      Without the support of anyone in the world or in this country, except for those who want to see the US humbled, the administration seems determined to take us into a war, again, with no goal of winning.  Into a country where both sides are our enemies.
      Our sons and daughters will be drawn into a global conflict and sacrificed so a President can save face.  I am sorry Mr. President but your dignity was lost a long time ago.
      Limited strikes for short term is the justification and yet Russia is putting warships into the fray and allied with our major credit provider.  We will see the rise of a united Caliphate and not have any economy left to support those who will be put into harms way.
     Can a country stand for long that has a leader that will openly defy the law and create executive orders to bypass all that keeps us free and the true leader of the world?
     The legendary Paul Harvey continuously reminded us that the only way to lead is by example.  We the People cannot become the enforcer of the world.  Time and again it has been demonstrated that the United Nations is totally ineffectual in solving crisis let alone being a governing body for the world.  The true leaders of the world are in the background and pulling the strings.  As the old saying goes "show me the money".  The administration has become checker players in a chess game.
     So I hope that you will reflect on the moment when where you were at, when the Third world War began.  I hope we will be able to look back and thank God when it was over.  How do you think history will look back?

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