Monday, November 11, 2013


                             ELSE'S PLAN.  AND GUESS WHAT THEY
                                     HAVE PLANNED FOR YOU?
                                            NOT MUCH.
                                                                        Jim Rohn

     Since the Christmas buying season now seems to start before Halloween and even the decorations are going up in yards before Thanksgiving, I guess it is time for this story.  This assumes that you fall into the categories that all the big merchandisers hope you do.  You are ready to get out there and spend hard earned money to give away to people who expect it of you.
     Don't worry I am not going on the grump about gift giving.  Giving should be something that you want to do rather than an obligation.  Giving always is worth more when it hurts a bit. 
     Before you go out shopping take time to plan a bit.  Make sure that you have provided some support for your church and charitable organizations.  Then consider what and where you are going to buy your merchandise for everyone else.
     It irritates me that so many make the mindless Black Friday shopping binge.  Now they are making employees work on Thanksgiving so the major stores can be open and you can ruin your holiday and theirs to throw money at companies out of the state and country.
     Those of you that read my stories and do not get in a huff before I get my point across, know of my support for rural and small town business.  Local artists and craftsmen make a large amount of their living during the holiday season.  So let's stop and commit to day trips around the state and shop local for this season.  Also stop and buy your postage in the small Post Offices, and eat locally.
      If you don't know where to go or start, check out the KANSAS SAMPLER FOUNDATIONS guide for Kansas businesses, eateries, artists, and craftsmen. .  Also go to KANSAS MADE for their website of Kansas owned companies and products.  Also consider the gift of music.  We have wonderful artists with CD's for sale.  Let me give you a few names.  Most have websites but just Google the name and it will come up and order some great CD's
     Diamond W Wranglers, Jeff Davidson, Judy Coder, Ann Zimmerman, Zerf, Barry Ward, Fred Hargrove, Kelly Hunt, Cindy Novelo, Don Clark, Roger Ringer , Prairie Rose Rangers, Ron Wilson, and check the website for more artists.
    Now I am going to list some of my favorites:  ADRIANS BOUTIQUE - BUHLER, guys you cannot go wrong making a woman happy shopping here, check out the other stores and food in Buhler.  BRANDT'S MEATS - LUCAS, the best ring bologna I have found but get your order in before Dec 1.  THE REST OF LUCAS ART SHOPS.  While your in the neighborhood the smoked and cured meats at the grocery store in Wilson.  Those great Chech. recipes that I cannot pronounce.  While in Wilson eat at MADE FROM SCRATCH, the name says it all.
     THE ENTIRE TOWN OF LINDSBORG, DOWNTOWN ELLINWOOD, eat at the Wolf's Den.  DOWNTOWN WINFIELD, HENRY'S CANDY - DEXTER.  Stop at the barn right north of Dexter for some great gifts and your pumpkins.
     SAGE BRUSH GALLERY - MEDICINE LODGE.  THE GUN ROOM, - MEDICINE LODGE. Eat at Buster's Saloon in Sun City then go shop in Coldwater and Greensburg.  Eat at the LUMBER YARD in ZENDA.  Shop FAMILY FOODS IN SAWYER for the best home baked bread and rolls plus a deli case full of Troyer meats and cheeses.  They also have some of the best canned fruits and items.
     There is also great shopping in downtown NEWTON, MCPHERSON, HUTCHINSON, GREAT BEND, LIBERAL, AND COTTONWOOD FALLS.  When you eat a EMMA CHASE tell them Roger sent you.
     I can go on and on.  The point is if you are going to spend money and want to enjoy doing it, and staying home on the holiday, try rural Kansas.

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  1. Thank you for the kudos for shopping at Adrian's in Buhler and all of these other outstanding local businesses Roger. You are so right...people would have a great time getting out and enjoying a fun shopping experience if they get off the beaten path a bit and see what our great state has to offer! As always, we enjoyed our Thanksgiving with your family. Thank you so much for including us! ~Vicki