Friday, November 8, 2013


                            THE MORE CORRUPT THE STATE,
                                     THE MORE NUMEROUS THE LAWS.

     You do not have to be of any particular political party, faction, or philosophy to not be aware at the hazardous condition of our Republic.  And yes we are a REPRESENTATIVE REPUBLIC not a Democracy.  If you have a problem with that you are showing your either lack of education in our history or a passion to promote your philosophy.
      Many of my readers mistake the fact that I am totally disgusted with the political warfare on the individual by assuming I am a champion for Republican politics.  (Note to those), reread each story two times before commenting.
     In my county if you want to vote you have to be registered as a Republican or you have no one to vote for.  The Democrats often don't even run a candidate.  Of course here in our conservative rural county the registration rate is about 95% Republican and 5% Democrat.  And actually the true position is about 60% Independent or Libertarian.
     Some of our elected boards have no such designation to party.  Perhaps that is better than the behind the scenes planning by both major parties on who has the power and who does not.  The use of political power, whether elected, appointed, or lobbyist, is eroding the individual liberties and responsibilities of all of us.
     Seems that the party in power loves the use of power until it is in the minority.  No one can see past their nose on most issues.  Thank God, and yes I mean God, for a set of individuals that had a healthy distrust of governments to craft a Constitution and Bill of Rights looking to the future for a group that would do away with both.
     I would put forth that anyone who want to run for office at any level take a pledge to remove ten laws, rules, or regulations for every new law proposed.  Any political leader that ever again says that " you will have to pass it before you know what is in it" will be thrown out of office and charged with treason.  It is the elected officials duty to know what is in a bill and not blindly follow the dictates of a self styled Cesar.
     This applies at the local to federal levels.  For example in Kansas, the group of regulations that govern Fire Districts and Fire Departments have been a individual clutter that was passed mostly in the 1950's and still is in effect today.  The cluster of regulations is as open to interpretation as there are numbers of lawyers and officials.
     The codification of the laws concerning fire, EMS, and public safety could be written in easy to read and interpret form.  Yet until some member of the emergency services is convicted and sent to prison for unwittingly violating, or not implementing, the regulations will anyone try to modernize them.
     There are out of date and nonsensical laws still on the books in many cities.  There are efforts from time to time to take them off the books but I am sure that it is still the law in Wichita that cattle have the Right of Way down Douglas Ave.  Even though the stockyards no longer exist and cattle drives have been replaced by trucks.
     Another law that was common and still on the books some places is the automobile must be proceeded by one half mile by a person with a lantern to warn oncoming horse traffic of its approach.
     When the tax code is so huge that it would take many kids wagons to carry the copy or a health care bill that is 26,000 pages long, (and that is without the 40,000 pages of regulations yet to be written), something has to stop.  Now all electronic conversations and transmissions is being held by the NSA for "security reasons" in the largest building in the world in Utah, it is time for something to stop.
     With all the lies being told by all parties is a power grab to convince you that it is better to let the government determine what you eat, read, say, drive, think, and hold a gun to your head if you do not comply, something has to change.
      If you think that last statement is too strong ask this.  Who has the ability to take your assets, freedom, family, and movement by threat of force and imprisonment?
      So those willing to run for office, stay in office, or support those such, pledge to remove ten laws or regulations for each new law you propose.

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