Tuesday, December 10, 2013


                             WITHOUT CHANGING OUR THINKING
                                                       Albert Einstein

     This is for the knee jerkers on both sides of the issues.  With this severe turn in the weather that has put us in a deep freeze the Global Warming advocates will pull up for a while.  They always flourish when it is over 100 degrees and drougthy.  For a while the talking points that people and media take their subject matter from will find easier targets.  The word came in today that Antarctica has posted the coldest temperature in history less than 172 degrees Fahrenheit
     It is hard for them to remember that in the 1970's we were being scared by tales of Global Cooling, then Global Warming.  Of course the terminology now is changed to Climate Change.  The claims of gloom and doom are losing favor with real scientists that want to keep their credibility.
      The recent articles about complete ice melt in the world lost any credibility in the National Geographic that I ever had.  When reminded that the ice pack increased by one third last winter, it is dismissed by the reply "well the long term average is going down".  Nope, not true.
     We are told that the polar bear is in danger, yet from the 3500 in the 1970's are now around 25,000.  We are told CO2 is a pollutant yet plants thrive on CO2 and plants produce oxygen.  Since there are more trees in North America now than when it was discovered it must not be hurting.
     Then we are told the average temperature has risen a huge amount since 1900.  Nope, about a half a degree.
      A major university's climatologists don't buy into the popular myths yet that University has a department for Climate Change.
       The diversity of energy sources, efficiency, new technology, and 'green' technology are fine if they are developed with the right reasoning.  Using 'Green' as a device of power to force political change is wrong.
      The development of technology and the change of how things are done should be done for the reasons that we want to, not we have to.  Environmental groups who started out as concerned people who wanted to foster change have been taken over by radicals and it is a deliberate usage of money and power to force people off the land and increase the costs of doing business.  It is a not so subtle attempt to turn over authority to UN groups and move to the central planning that has caused every government that tried it to fall.  Those repeating the mistake will do the same.
     We should want to clean up what is not for the sake of being good stewards, not that the world will turn into a flaming fireball if we don't.  I like the concept of wind power and solar if it is feasible and cost effective.  I am amazed that the gas mileages now being bragged about were unattainable not long ago.
      I saw a picture of a dead eagle not long ago that a conservative group claimed was killed by a windmill.  Yet we have eagles here and more than 300 wind turbans and no body is finding dead birds under them.
      Everyone needs to quit HOLLERIN and decide to do things for the right reasons.

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