Saturday, December 28, 2013


                                                               Isoroku Yamamoto

        At one time it was recognized that the vast number of citizens were busy going about living their lives and basically were taken for granted by Washington.  It was called the silent majority.  Since the country was originally settled by people seeking religious freedom and the majority of those were Christian it has always been considered a nation founded on Judeo/Christian values.  The basis of society is founded on these principles and continues in large part today.
      Admiral Yamamoto recognized that the United States was a country that would have the amazing ability to rise above everyday differences and would unite in a common cause after being attacked by Japan.  Others in history have made the same mistake including radical Muslims and Osamma Bin Laden.
      The average American is happy to work day by day to support his family and live a quiet and moral lifestyle.  As time goes on it appears that the values that we live by may have been changing.  But I beg to differ.
      The interesting thing about what happened with the A&E Network and the Robinson family has raised the ire of many people who would not, ordinarily, voice their opinions.  However, the ire of the regular person was raised to a fever pitch during this incident for a number of reasons.  I would call it the perfect storm.
      The vast majority of Christians still live by the instruction of 'turn the other cheek'.  The American media has given full support to minority groups and causes and has been a part in the deterioration of the rights of everyday people.
     At the same time the government has gone off the deep end taking the country into looming bankruptcy and is in the process of destroying the health insurance industry.  We have a government that has become the contempt of our allies and the world.
      The right to speak is now weighed against whether the feelings of small vocal groups are insulted and yet the majority is insulted at every turn.  A state prohibits the marriage of gay couples and there is always a judge available to stop the will of the society at large.  Now a judge has held that Polygamy is Constitutional.
      The dismantling of the Constitution is on the forefront of many in power and they manage to find enough votes somehow to do it.  The Justice system has deteriorated into a system of laws.  The President, and his departments in his control, can violate the law and there is no one standing up and stopping them.
      The elites who call themselves Progressives manage to look down on the average person as being too stupid to make their own decisions.  From seat belts to open borders the country is being overrun and the average person is waiting for a politician who will actually stand up for the things he was elected for.
     The military now tells chaplains that they cannot speak of Christmas or Jesus Christ.  Soldiers are being brought up on charges for not vocally supporting the personal views of their superiors.
      Monuments that have stood since the 1950's are ordered torn down because there is a cross displayed.  Add to this more and more affronts to the average person and all it takes is some insignificant act by a network about the values of one of it's stars to galvanize people to action.
      What is the reason that hundreds of thousands of people are suddenly vocal about a TV show?  The accumulating frustrations, constant bullying, affronts to their beliefs, and personal insults.  The perfect storm.
     Will those who are the constant loud and outrageous be weighed against the overwhelming numbers who have just had enough?  The self righteous attitudes of the 'elite' may find themselves in not so great a company if the attacks on everything from Christmas to personal freedom continues.
     Those who read my column will remember that I warned about the NSA and the gathering of all electronic data before Mr. Snowden made it international news.  You can also go back to my feelings on the official watch list of the NSA on potential terrorists being Veterans, Tea Baggers, Constitutionalists, and 2nd Amendment people.
     Is the sleeping giant stirring?

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