Friday, January 3, 2014


                       THAT THERE WAS IN ME AN INVINCIBLE
                                                                 Albert Camus

     I find that as time goes on the things I loved to do have started to change.  Maybe it is the loss of energy or the inevitable deterioration of the body.  I find that I do not embrace the cold as I used to and any desire to go out into it is long past.  I am starting to understand the snowbird's desire to leave the cold places behind and go to Tuscon, or Texas, or Santa Fe.
      If the cold has not alerted to you that it is winter then the ads for all the shows coming to town should have.  When I was young we would load up with a friend of dads and head to the Sport, Boat, & Travel Show just for something to do.  Ice and snow could not stop us from going and seeing the same things that were there every year before.  But we got a great start on loading our tackle boxes. 
     We would go to the heated fishing docks on Fall River, Toronto, and Marion County lakes to set around with our lines in the water trying to catch crappie.  Inevitably we were told that they were really running last week but the lake turned over.  Never saw that phenomenon actually happen but it was always the day before we got there.
      I remember spending the night by a campfire with a chopped open hole in the ice at Toronto Lake and catching the 5am run of crappie while everyone else had headed for the camper.  Mom had a fun time cleaning up the camper after we spilled a pot of chili on the stove.
      Well I am now hearing the latest information of the coldest weather of the year heading our way.  I cannot help but think of the spring ahead.  I have been trying to get interest locally for a larger booth at the Kansas Sampler Festival but it is hard to get others to look forward to the first week in May right now.
      For anyone that does plan ahead the deadline for getting your booth space for you town, area, attraction, or business at the Kansas Sampler needs to get their reservations in by January 31.
     2014 is the 25th anniversary of the KANSAS SAMPLER FESTIVAL.  It rotates in two year increments from one town and region to the other.  The last two years it was at Liberal and they did a great job of hosting it.  This year and next the Sampler is going to be in Wamego.  The area committee is going that extra mile it always takes to put on a great show and experience.
     The purpose of the KANSAS SAMPLER FESTIVAL is to provide the public with a sample of what there is to see, do, hear, taste,  buy, and learn in Kansas.  Each region in the state has a tent as well as commercial and entertainment.  There is always something going on on the several stages that they have each year.
      So as you hibernate waiting for that next cold snap to come and go you want to start your planning to attend the KANSAS SAMPLER FESTIVAL at WAMEGO KANSAS on MAY 3 & 4, 2014.  For information and registration go to .  I will see you there.

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