Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Lucille Ball

      I would say that one of my least favorite things that I do is attend a wedding.  There are many reasons for this, a dislike of ceremony, change of routine, and a bad experience or two that I will not go into.  This is not going to be an opening of things I prefer to keep to myself.
      As a life long bachelor I can take the cynical approach and cite so many marriages that I have seen end in disaster.  Some not expected and some with the distinction of 'what the hell were you thinking!'  Though not intended to be this way, it is just how life has turned out.  My laugh line has always been 'go back it's a trap'.
     I have thought back to the few times that I thought it would be me walking that aisle and how it would have been a mistake.  Even having others tell me that they thought it would be me there instead of another.  Oh the mystery's of life.
     The few times I had friends who I thought were the perfect couples end up ending it and it shakes your confidence in your ability to recognize what it takes in a person to make a commitment.  It is a scary proposition.  One thing I don't think I could ever take is a bad divorce.
     But there are obligations to attend ceremony's for friends and family.  And that is how I found myself in a beautiful tree covered yard, by a lake, for the wedding of the daughter of a couple of my favorite people.
     Jenny had found the one that she has chosen to spend the rest of her life with.  I knew Jenny since before she was born.  It makes you feel old to watch the girl grow up and become a teacher, now moving into the next phase of her life.
     It was a sunshiny day and the temperature was fine.  Of course being Kansas the wind blew.  I am sure all in the wedding wished it wouldn't but it was a great reminder that not everything will go as planned in life.
      Friends and family from two different areas became one for the couple as they became one that day.  Making it perfection by including God into their lives.
     The ring bearer and flower girl came down the aisle in an electric Mini Cooper and Jenny's dad drove her around the crowd in a shiny red Comet.  Helping her out and bringing her down the aisle his stoic persona was almost broken down by a tear.  I imagine fathers are like that when giving away their daughter.
      I have to say that this old cynic enjoyed the day and it was one of the nicest weddings I have ever been to.  Jenny picked herself one great guy and you could tell that his family was the same.
      Some times you have to do something you don't normally care for to keep your prospective of what life is all about.  Things that are bothersome have their place.  And life goes on.

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