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FUNDAMENTAL:  Adjective- forming or relating to the most important part of something.

:  Of or relating to the basic structure or function of something.

Examples of FUNDAMENTAL:
      The constitution ensures our fundamental rights.
      There's a fundamental difference between these two political parties.
      These ideas are of fundamental importance.

      One of the basic and important parts of something:  A fundamental part.

Full definition of Fundamental:
     One of the minimum constituents without which a thing or a system would not be what it is.
      The principle musical tone produced by vibration on which a series of higher harmonics is based.
      The harmonic component of a complex wave that has the lowest frequency and commonly the greatest amplitude.

      One of the drum beats of the last few election cycles has been FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE.  It became a catch phrase that was taken up as a battle cry tapping into the frustration of the American people into traveling into the waters of remaking the basic structure of the United States as perceived by a long line of Progressives.
      I am no different than many people in being sick and tired of professional politicians running over the will of the people.  Special interest groups, from vocal minority groups, have managed to affect the perception and education of the average American to start longing for the things that have been deemed off limits for various reasons.
      As a child we learn that putting your hand on a stove burner or into fire will result in bad things.  Many don't listen to the admonition and touch it anyway and learn first hand that it is not good.
      Is it any different setting in church and being told that these things are bad and posting this list of 10 fundamental reasons that a person should stay away from.  Yet like children the rules must be violated because it is the individuals right not to be told what to do or how to act.
      Most states have had to accept gay marriage as result of judges rulings in many cases even when the states voted not to recognize it.  If a person does not agree or makes a point of pointing out that they don't accept it are ridiculed as 'racist' or haters.
      Those who believe that a baby is a non person until it is delivered, and then sometime after, believes that the killing of it is a right will, portray those opposed to the practice as ignorant.  There can be no discussion on the subject because it is the 'right' of a person to control her own body.
      The President is required by law to notify Congress before going to war yet does not follow the law even though he now does what he thinks is right and notifies Congress later.
     The examples go on and on and yet the other major party seems to be as power hungry and willing to throw the 'fundamentals' under the bus for their own reasons.
      I was raised believing that there was no better system on earth than the 'Representative Republic' that we are.  No one has ever shown that any other style gives more opportunity and prosperity to the individual as does our form of government.
     I know of no other country that is always first to step up and send in help for any disaster worldwide than the US.
      As many problems that the United States has and has had I still cannot understand the need for FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE that is being forced on us now.
     I have mentioned before that the biggest benefit and the most frightening right that God has given man is free will.  We are free to do what is right.  To follow the rules and try to live a good life.  We are also free to turn our back on our creator and march the long paved road into Hell.
     It is not like we have not been told.  "all things will be turn around what bad is good and what is right is wrong".
      Most people I know have the fundamental belief in what is right.  But will the people continue to act like a spoiled child and insist on the 'Fundamental Change' that they believe in? 

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