Wednesday, January 28, 2015


                                              John Denver

     There is such a nice thing that happens now and then in the late winter that really makes me happy.  It is that odd day or two that the cold, blowy, cloudy, winter days seem to be getting longer as I get longer in the tooth.  With the blood sugar that is always giving me problems I seem to be cold all the time.  Setting on the porch on summer days are a pure pleasure now instead of hibernating under the air conditioner of earlier years.
       Well this week I was able to take the dog out on the porch and I have gotten the same pleasure of a warm sunbeam that she does.  It is a great feeling to thaw out clear to the bones including my toes.
      Now part of the pure pleasure besides the sunshine is the TV turned off and the continual drivel of News is off and the quiet is so nice. I have the CD player on with silly stories by Andy Nelson.  As I am writing this the sun is starting to warm up one last time for now.  And I am handed a 21st century staple gun that needs loading.  After an hour of ruining my attitude it goes in the trash and the perfected design from the 1950's is dug out and put back into service.
      Oh I can feel that sunshine now.  Soak up a batch of that vitamin D and snooze with the dog at my feet.  The Blizzard from Hell did not happen back east and the climate change people are trying to figure out how the fact that they can't predict 12 hours that they can convince us that they can predict 50 years ahead.
      Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy!!!!!

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