Wednesday, January 14, 2015


                                        Robert A Heinlein

     You know I have known ordinarily nice and intelligent people who turn into closet Nazis when emotions are stirred into a subject that they have strong opinions of.  Now it does take some conviction and courage to stand for what is right.  The problem is when 'right' is mixed up with agenda.  And many times the 'agenda' is someone else's.
       It is OK to have strong feelings on a subject that you have more emotions of than knowledge of.  That is as long as you are not forcing your opinions on someone who is knowledgeable and making a living from it.
      Let take Pigs for an example.  Yes, pork, hogs, swine, porcine, the other white meat.  Now I am sure that there is a small percentage that make their living raising Pork.  There is also a huge group that loves the products made from pork.  Now there is an even smaller group outside of Jewish and Muslim communities that for some reason either hates pork or uses it to drive agenda's that have nothing to do with reality.
       Now when a small group wants to drive agendas and need the numbers of people that will actually join them in their crusade there has to be a lot of misrepresentation, fabrication, and lies to build the emotions of its followers.
      Now lets look at Chipotle's Restaurant's.  Since a group has tried the frontal approach to change how hogs are raised and have not been overwhelmingly successful.  A campaign of emotions and pure bullying has been waged.  Pork is now dropped from the restaurant chain since the organizations who are attacking the Pork industry are forcing businesses to take stands that have nothing to do with their business.
      Forcing companies to set their own industry standards on the products they sell is not new.  It is a shame that Chipotle is forced by animal rights groups to drop a product that is a major part of their historic menu.
     It is a shame but this works both ways and the Chipotle company will be the loser either way.  It is very simple.  I will not eat at their restaurant's as long as they knuckle under to the animal rightists.  Lets see if the few animal rightists make up for the loss of this business.
    But then I doubt that they even care or eat their anyway.

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