Monday, February 9, 2015


                 I HAVE FOUND THAT IT BEARS
            TO THE FIRST"

                                                         Ronald Reagan

     Hitler perfected the BIG LIE.  Which is that by telling the biggest whopping lie over and over that it will eventually be believed.  And this has not been lost by politicians and industry strategists when working on a cause.
      I was bowled over by the ad run by UNCORK KANSAS ALLIANCE about changing the retail rules for beer, wine and spirits.  They stated that you needed to join them to work against the 'giants' in the liquor industry and let the grocery, discount, and convenience stores sell them.
      This group headed by the retired Mr. Dillon of Kroger (based in Cincinnati), Wal Mart (Bentonville, Ark.), Target (France), and others, fighting against the mom and pop store in your neighborhood.  What a whooper.
     This movement comes around every session of the Legislature with the same arguments.  They bring to town suitcases of cash and slick ad campaigns to get the only protected family business in the state killed.
     All the hype and lies it stills leaves the reality that one family in your neighborhood could be losing their business.  Anti trust laws protect from one entity dominating a particular area of business.  But there is no protection from clusters of competing business from killing the little guy.
      Imagine owning a business that you have to wonder from legislative session to session whether you will still be in business?  It is the law now that only one license can be held by anyone at a time. 
       Most places have a resident requirement for that.  Plus your business is the source of increased taxation for a government that cannot control spending.  Then you have law enforcement that instead of working with you to stop underage drinking try to set you up to be ticketed when they figure out how to fool a clerk into selling to one.
      It seems that the benevolent UNCORKED is slaying dragons in the wild west of Kansas.  Seems more like stepping on a lizard or kicking your dog.

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